Restoring lynx to tribal lands in northeast Washington

Restoring lynx to tribal lands in northeast Washington

Restoring iconic big cats to wildlands we’ve long worked to protect, connect and restore. By Mitch Friedman, Executive Director I was honored last Saturday to be present when Timxw, a 28 lb male Canada lynx, was released into the freshly snowed forest at the northern end of the Reservation of the Colville Confederated Tribes, near the south end of the Kettle River Mountain Range in Ferry County. The door … Continued

Help Conservation Northwest secure the final piece in the Okanogan

The future of this beautiful place and critical habitat corridor depends on you! Your urgent gift could make the difference in our Cascades to Rockies Capital Campaign. The foreground of that photo, taken by Justin Haug, a WDFW wildlife biologist, is critical sage steppe habitat comprising the historic Figlenski Ranch, in the Tunk Valley of central Okanogan County. … Continued

Join our Cascades to Rockies Capital Campaign to preserve a critical piece of wildlands

To protect critical wildlands and connect two great mountain ranges, we’re raising $4.75 million to purchase protection for 9,243 acres in Okanogan County By Mitch Friedman, Executive Director I’m excited to introduce you to our new Cascades to Rockies Capital Campaign, one of the most innovative and impactful efforts Conservation Northwest has ever undertaken. Through … Continued

Connecting the Cascades to the Rocky Mountains with a wildlife corridor

Connecting the North Cascades and the Rocky Mountains through habitat corridors, wildlife crossings, forest restoration and wilderness protection. By Chase Gunnell, Communications Directors “As the climate changes, big landscape-level connections are essential. For nearly 20 years, we’ve been trying to bridge together the Cascades to the Rockies, to protect the habitat corridor,” – Mitch Friedman, … Continued

Conservation Northwest’s online auction ends today at 6:00 p.m.

Don’t miss this chance to bid on unique Northwest experiences, outdoor adventures and items you’ll find nowhere else! By Matthew Brouwer, Director of Development Our Online Silent Auction closes tonight at 6:00 p.m. Visit to start bidding! Take a first, second or third look at more than 60 unique auction packages including some new additions:  Our Sinclair Island Get-Away has been doubled. … Continued

Supporting bighorn sheep and forest restoration on Mt. Hull

We’re working to help a vulnerable bighorn sheep herd and restore a critical landscape in north-central Washington. BY George Wooten, okanogan conservation associate *Editor’s Note: George is retiring next month after more than a decade working as our Conservation Associate and Okanogan Forest Field staffer based in Twisp. Among other roles, he previously worked for … Continued

Hiking the Columbia Highlands with staff from Senators Cantwell, Murray

Our Chewelah and Deer Park field staffers and colleagues from the Northeast Washington Forest Coalition had the pleasure of showing representatives from the offices of Senator Maria Cantwell and Senator Patty Murray around the Columbia Highlands this week! We hiked some incredible trails while talking about wolves, range riders, Get Out Fest, and the need for more protected wilderness on the … Continued

A highway runs through it

Our new Okanogan Wildlife Crossing Campaign is working for safe passage on Highway 97 By Leigh Ann Gilmer, Development Director There’s a 12-mile span of highway in north-central Washington that’s designated as a “high kill area.” Along this stretch, drivers grip their steering wheels with tight knuckles as they test their luck and barrel through … Continued