Board of Directors

Board Leadership

President: Matt Uyttendaele

Vice President: LiLi Wong

Treasurer: Bruce Jacobsen

Secretary: Patricia Laughman, J.D.

Board of Directors

Bill Donnelly. Since 2002, Seattle. Retired investment adviser; also on boards of Forest Stewardship Council, and digital privacy and biometric identity organizations.

Andy Held. Since 2010, Kirkland. Former high-tech and small businessman, Kirkland Planning Commission, and board of the Wilderness Awareness School.

Brad Johnson. Since 2021, Bellevue. Sr. Director of Product Supply Chain Technology with Nike, Inc., focused on how technology enables a responsive, resilient, and, most importantly, responsible supply chain.

Bruce Jacobsen. Since 2017, Seattle. Bruce has worked in technology including for Microsoft, RealNetworks, and as the founder and CEO of Kinetic Books.

Joseph Joy. Since 2017, Bellevue. Joseph worked for 22 years at Microsoft before leaving to start Rinworks LLC, focusing on inquiry-based educational programs that leverage technology. He has an M.S. in Ocean Engineering and an M.S. in Computer Science.

James E. King Jr (he/his). Since 2021, Atlanta/Seattle-based environmental and outdoor recreational leader who is dedicated to promoting accessibility and representation of African Americans. James has over ten years of experience coordinating environmental stewardship throughout the U.S. and has engaged and inspired people to be active in outdoor recreation, sustainability, and environmental justice issues. Interim Executive Director CD_CPDA.

Alexandra Loeb. Since 2003, Rossland, British Columbia; board member for EcoTrust Canada, former Microsoft Vice President.

Joaquin Marchand. Since 2016, Elmer City. Executive Director, L.I.G.H.T. Foundation, an Indigenous-led native plant and pollinator conservation nonprofit and scholarship organization.  Joaquin volunteers with various Indigenous and veteran NGOs, has an M.A. in Public Administration, a B.A. in Business, and is a combat veteran of the U.S. Army, 1-505 PIR.

Amelia Marchand. Since 2016, Elmer City. In 2022, Marchand founded the L.I.G.H.T. Foundation, where she continues to volunteer as lead advisor. She also volunteers with several other Indigenous and environmental NGOs and currently works with the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians which supports Tribal sovereignty and self-determination throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Lisa McShane. Since 2014, Bellingham. Professional artist, community leader, and political and policy strategist, working for Tribes and individuals.

LiLi Wong. Since 2021, Seattle. Product Marketer at Qualtrics. In her free time, she’s on the hunt for a closer connection to food and the wilderness.

Patricia Laughman, J.D. Since 2016, Seattle. Attorney at Cairncross & Hempelmann, PS. representing design firms, owners and consultants, as well as clients involved in employment-related disputes, and has experience and interest in litigation arising out of environmental projects. Former Policy Research Intern at Conservation Northwest, 2004-2005.

Kevin Scott. Since 2018, Vancouver, Canada. Cofounder of the Fraser Watershed Initiative, a multi-year campaign to work with First Nations, NGO’s, and local governments across British Columbia to ‘heal & protect’ the Mighty Fraser Watershed.

Dr. Valerie Tarico. Since 2019, Seattle. Psychologist and writer. Co-founder, Progress Alliance of Washington.

Matt Uyttendaele. Since 2020, Seattle. Director in the AI research division of Meta focused on using AI to provide solutions to climate change. Former research scientist at Bell Labs and Microsoft Research. Volunteer for CNW’s Community Wildlife Monitoring Project, leading wildlife camera teams.

Board of Advisers

Tom Campion. Chairman and Founder, Zumiez, Inc. Trustee, The Campion Foundation

Jerry Franklin, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental and Forest Sciences, University of Washington

Ron Judd. Senior executive at the Washington Department of Transportation, long-time labor and conservation leader

Martha Kongsgaard. President of the Puget Sound Partnership. Trustee, Kongsgaard-Goldman Foundation

Gordon H. Orians, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Biology, University of Washington

John Sirois Traditional Territories Advisor to the Colville Business Council

Lauren Terbasket Education Director for the En’owkin Centre, an Indigenous cultural, educational, ecological, and creative arts organization in Penticton, BC. She was previously a council member of the Lower Similkameen Indian Band and remains an active member of the community.

For more on our advisory board, please see this blog post from February 2015.