Today and tomorrow, GiveBIG for the wild

Today and tomorrow, GiveBIG for the wild

Conservation Northwest / May 05, 2020 / Members

When you GiveBIG, you keep the Northwest wild and promote healthy, prosperous communities.

By Jen Mannas, Membership and Operations Associate

Today kicks off Washington’s biggest online giving event of the year—GiveBIG.

Healthy forests are the heart of the wild Northwest, providing vital habitat for some of Washington’s most iconic wildlife species like Canada lynx, marbled murrelets, and Chinook salmon.

Our northwest forests provide critical wildlife habitat, public lands for outdoor recreation, and important revenues for local communities and economies. Photo: Eric Zamora

Conservation Northwest has worked hard protecting these large forested landscapes and their watersheds through our flagship Forest Field Program for 30 years. When you GiveBIG, you create better forests across the Northwest by helping us track emerging threats against roadless forests, powering our fight to ensure Washington’s forests are managed for all the people, and allowing us to take action protecting our national forests.

Protecting our forests means protecting critical habitat for wildlife—and for wildlife to thrive, they need space to roam. But as Washington’s population grows, connections between large landscapes are becoming fragmented, making it harder for wildlife to move between them.

Bull elk on a highway. We’re working to connect big landscapes so wildlife can roam. Photo: WSDOT

We’re working to improve and maintain habitat connectivity in the Northwest, from our successful I-90 Wildlife Corridor Campaign connecting the North and South Cascades, to our Sagelands Heritage Program, collaborative Coast to Cascades Grizzly Bear Initiative, and efforts to connect the Cascades to Rockies. With your support, we’re also working to restore and reconnect habitat in southwest Washington through our Cascades to Olympics program.

Protecting wildlands and connecting big landscapes guarantees wildlife have a place to thrive, adapt to climate change, or make a comeback, like the fisher. Wolverines, another iconic North American species, are making a comeback in the Cascades as well, but with fewer than 300 left in the Lower 48, they still need our protection.

Your support helps us restore native species like fishers. Photo: David Moskowitz

Their future remains uncertain with shrinking spring snowpacks and a shifting climate. When you GiveBIG to Conservation Northwest, you support the protection and recovery of this elusive carnivore in Washington. Your support helps us monitor their recovery on the ground through our partnership with the Cascades Wolverine Project and our Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Program, as well as helps us fight for their protection under the Endangered Species Act in the courts.

For more than 30 years we’ve kept the Northwest wild by connecting large landscapes, restoring iconic wildlife species and protecting our natural heritage. When you GiveBIG, you are ensuring our work will continue.

During this trying time it’s hard to think about the future when the present is so uncertain. But together, we can work towards a wilder tomorrow. Together we can keep the Northwest wild. GiveBIG today!