A word of thanks to the Satsop River habitat connectivity volunteers

A word of thanks to the Satsop River habitat connectivity volunteers

Blackberry removal volunteers support wildlife passage under Highway 12 By Brian Stewart, Cascades to Olympics Coordinator On Friday July 16 and Saturday July 17 Conservation Northwest held two volunteer events at the Satsop Restoration Project, clearing blackberries from under the Highway 12 bridge to improve habitat connectivity in this Cascdes to Olympics project area, and … Continued

Cascades to Olympics field tour of northern and southern habitat linkages

Wildlife connectivity across I-5 in southwest Washington is increasingly restricted by development, but there are opportunities to restore habitat and enhance structures to serve as wildlife crossings. By Keiko Betcher, Communications and Outreach Associate Recently, Conservation Northwest’s Communications Director Chase Gunnell and I met with our Cascades to Olympics Coordinator Brian Stewart to check out … Continued

Wildlife need safe passage from the Cascades to the Olympics

A black bear recently spotted while trying to cross Interstate 5 demonstrates the need for wildlife crossings in southwest Washington. By Brian Stewart, Cascades to Olympics Coordinator For the second time in four months a black bear has been seen attempting to cross Interstate 5 in Washington state—this time near Olympia. Like other animals, black … Continued

Wildlife using Highway 97 crossing thanks to you

Since completing renovations on Janis Bridge to better serve as a wildlife crossing, we’ve documented dozens of animals safely crossing Highway 97! By Matthew Brouwer, Development Director A few weeks ago we updated you on progress with the Okanagon Wildlife Crossing Campaign including protective fencing along Highway 97 and improvements to a wildlife crossing under Janis … Continued

Restoring habitat in the I-90 Wildlife Corridor

By Laurel Baum, central cascades conservation associate and Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project Coordinator Conservation Northwest recently hosted three habitat restoration events just east of Snoqualmie Pass to support animal use of areas near new I-90 Wildlife Crossings, and to advance objectives of our new Central Cascades Watersheds Restoration program. Volunteers did a great job pulling … Continued

Elk using I-90 wildlife crossings this spring

Elk have been using new I-90 wildlife crossings during their spring migration into the highcountry of the Cascades! This group of elk are crossing under the busy interstate using the Hyak Wildlife Undercrossing, just east of Snoqualmie Pass and west of the larger Gold Creek Wildlife Undercrossing in the Keechelus Lake floodplain. Our region’s elk … Continued

On the edge of the Sagebrush Sea

Perspectives after a trip to Eastern Washington’s sagelands By Chase Gunnell, Communications Director Vital habitat for sage grouse, pygmy rabbits, mule deer, pronghorn antelope and dozens of other bird and animal species, the Sagebrush Sea is a sprawling shrub-steppe ecosystem stretching from the eastern flanks of the Rocky Mountains in Montana and Wyoming through the Great … Continued

Your support creates safe passage for people and animals

“We couldn’t let the animals stop the highway, we couldn’t let the highway stop the animals.” – Doug MacDonald, former Washington State Secretary of Transportation BY MAUREEN MCGREGOR, DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATE If you are anything like me, you haven’t thought much about wildlife as you’ve cruised across the Cascade Mountains on Interstate 90, eager to engage … Continued