Elk using I-90 wildlife crossings this spring

Elk using I-90 wildlife crossings this spring

Conservation Northwest / May 15, 2018 / Connecting Habitat, I-90 Wildlife, Wildlife Crossings, Work Updates

Elk have been using new I-90 wildlife crossings during their spring migration into the highcountry of the Cascades!

This group of elk are crossing under the busy interstate using the Hyak Wildlife Undercrossing, just east of Snoqualmie Pass and west of the larger Gold Creek Wildlife Undercrossing in the Keechelus Lake floodplain.

Our region’s elk and mule deer migrate seasonally between winter range in the low-elevation valleys and sagebrush steppe, and food-rich summer range in the high elevation forests and meadows of the Cascade Mountains.

An elk herd crossings under I-90 at the Gold Creek Wildlife Undercrossing. Photo: WSDOT

Want to see more animals using I-90 wildlife crossings? Check out our Flickr album!

According to the Washington Department of Transportation )(WSDOT), construction on the first wildlife bridge over I-90, near Price Creek, is expected to be complete in October 2018.

After more than a decade championing these crossings through our I-90 Wildlife Corridor Campaign and the I-90 Wildlife Bridges Coalition, we’re thrilled to see animals big and small putting them to use!

Learn more about our work for wildlife crossings near Snoqulamie Pass on this webpage or in the Cascade Crossroads documentary. More on our I-90 Wildlife Watch program is available here