Connecting Habitat

Conservation Northwest and Veterans’ Ecological Trades Collective receive funding to bolster habitat restoration and wildlife monitoring along I-5

Disabled Veterans National Foundation grant strengthens collaborative conservation work in the Chehalis Basin  SEATTLE, Wash. – Conservation Northwest, in partnership with the Veterans’ Ecological Trades Collective and the Washington Department of Veteran Affairs, is expanding its efforts to document wildlife movement along Interstate 5 and equip veterans with skills and experience in the conservation field. … Continued

Equitable flood navigation in the Chehalis Basin

University of Washington students from the Grand Challenges Impact Lab (GCIL) developed a robust report for increased representation and advocacy for low-income residents of the Chehalis Basin. SEATTLE, Wash. – Mentoring students and fostering innovative thinking around complex problems to identify the most holistic solutions is a fundamental part of our Cascades to Olympics Program … Continued

Conservation Northwest’s Annual Report 2020-2021

We officially published our Annual Report for 2020-2021. View online or pick up a physical copy. If asked about life before 2020-2021, most people might answer in terms of the pandemic. Not me. Here’s what I remember from that time: There were no lynx in the Kettle Range of northeastern Washington. Reintroduction of Pacific fishers … Continued

Attend the inaugural Southwest and Coastal Washington Connectivity Summit

Join Conservation Northwest and partners in summit focused on landscape connectivity for people and the environment on July 20-22 Southwest Washington is home to iconic mountains, majestic rivers, and expansive forests. These prized resources are at risk from impacts of climate change, development, landscape fragmentation, economic pressures, and shifting public values. Climate change and development … Continued

Wildlife winning due to Highway 97 safe passage project

Almost two years after the first phase of renovating the most dangerous stretch of Washington highway for vehicle-deer collisions, we are proud to see data proving the Safe Passage 97 project as an undeniable success. According to the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), there has been a 91 percent reduction in wildlife-vehicle collisions at … Continued

Cascades to Olympics program annual update 2021

A time to reflect on another year of work for habitat connectivity, Chehalis Basin watershed protection, wildlife mapping, natural climate mitigation and more! “The trials and tribulations of the last two years have tested our minds, bodies, and spirits, but the adversity that has been so difficult to overcome is also the crucible where resilient … Continued