Conservation Northwest’s Annual Report 2022

Conservation Northwest’s Annual Report 2022

Conservation Northwest / Aug 25, 2023 / Connecting Habitat, Protecting Wildlands, Restoring Wildlife

We officially published our Annual Report for 2022. View online or pick up a physical copy.

I’d count 2022 as a pretty good year for Conservation Northwest. Notably, 2022 marks the successful reintroduction of Pacific fishers to Washington, an effort we started way back in 2002 when we provided funds to the State to assess the feasibility of the idea. Twenty years from inception to total success, founding populations in the Olympics and both the North and South Cascades are now healthy and thriving. 

While that project closed, another opened, as we executed the first ongoing projects with virtual fencing in Washington state, including on the Figlenski Ranch that we purchased for the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation in 2021. This revolutionary, affordable technology enables greatly improved stewardship of grass, soil, wildlife, and streams. Demand is now exploding, so it may be that twenty years from now, people won’t much remember the need for barbed wire. 

Meanwhile, another ten lynx were moved into the Kettle Range through our partnership with the Colville Tribes and the Okanagan Nation Alliance. Additionally, we moved forward programs that will restore the Upper Green River Valley, advanced wildlife connectivity across I-5 and Highway 12 to link the Cascades and Olympics, supported almost two dozen range riders to keep wolves out of trouble, and ran a campaign that inspired the Washington Legislature to direct $83 million toward protecting legacy forests on state public lands. 

That’s just a sample of what a fair, maybe above-average year for us is at Conservation Northwest. We set a high bar with our expectations, track record, and a stellar team – that makes me very proud. I hope you share that pride, as it is only with the help of our supporters that we and our wildlife heritage succeed.

Portrait of Mitch Friedman
Mitch Friedman
Executive Director

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Annual Report

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