Cascades to Olympics

Speak up and tell WDFW to improve wildlife connectivity from the Cascades to Olympics 

Wild NW Action Alert #324: Tell the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife that you support land acquisition in SW Washington. The WDFW Commission is expected to review the proposal to acquire 94-acres of land adjacent to the WDFW-owned Davis Creek Unit of the Scatter Creek Wildlife Area, outside of Oakville. Conservation Northwest enthusiastically supports … Continued

Chehalis River Alliance statement on flooding by the LAND Steering Committee

The newly formed Local Actions Non-Dam Alternative (LAND) steering committee is looking to develop holistic and sustainable flood reduction projects in the Chehalis Basin. Over the last two decades, flooding events in the Chehalis River Basin have been alarming and hazardous for many local communities. The Chehalis River Alliance supports a non-dam alternative and released … Continued

Cascades to Olympics program annual update 2021

A time to reflect on another year of work for habitat connectivity, Chehalis Basin watershed protection, wildlife mapping, natural climate mitigation and more! “The trials and tribulations of the last two years have tested our minds, bodies, and spirits, but the adversity that has been so difficult to overcome is also the crucible where resilient … Continued