Speak up and tell WDFW to improve wildlife connectivity from the Cascades to Olympics 

Speak up and tell WDFW to improve wildlife connectivity from the Cascades to Olympics 

Conservation Northwest / Apr 05, 2022 / Action Alert, Cascades to Olympics, Public Lands, WDFW

Wild NW Action Alert #324: Tell the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife that you support land acquisition in SW Washington.

The WDFW Commission is expected to review the proposal to acquire 94-acres of land adjacent to the WDFW-owned Davis Creek Unit of the Scatter Creek Wildlife Area, outside of Oakville. Conservation Northwest enthusiastically supports WDFW’s 2020 land acquisition priorities, and we need your help to support this specific acquisition!

Use your voice to contact the WDFW Commission and advocate in favor of this 94-acre land acquisition.


e Davis Creek Unit addition area is a key steppingstone to improve habitat connectivity for wildlife on the move from the Cascades to Olympics, across Highway 12 and Interstate 5. With the increasing threat of development in the Chehalis Basin, this acquisition will be critical to the recovery of native species and can even reverse the degradation of wildlife corridors by piecing together wildlife habitat across fragmented landscape.

You may also register to attend the public meeting on Friday, April 8.

This acquisition has many benefits for fish and wildlife because of its rich tapestry of floodplain, wetland, river oxbow, and riparian habitats. Waterfowl, fisher, beaver, and salmonids all can benefit from this project, including species in need of conservation help like band-tailed pigeon and wood duck. 

Use our form to email the WDFW Commission directly with your support by Friday, April 8.

The Commission has heard resistance to expanded public ownership in Grays Harbor County during prior meetings. The new commissioners need to hear from supporters that this acquisition is worth moving forward! 

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map showing proposed WDFW acquisition parcel
Graphic produced and shared by Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.