GiveBIG today for a wilder tomorrow

GiveBIG today for a wilder tomorrow

Conservation Northwest / May 08, 2019 / Members

Our work for a wilder Northwest is more important than ever.

THANK YOU to everyone who gave BIG, raising more than $14,000 for local wildlands and wildlife! Your support for protected and connected wild landscapes and restored animal species is how we succeed. Every dollar will make a difference for a wilder future!

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by matthew coomer, membership and operations associate

A new United Nations report found that a million species are threatened with extinction. We have a serious crisis on our hands, but it’s one we’ve been fighting for 30 years here in the Pacific Northwest. By leading wildlife restoration efforts from the Washington Coast to the British Columbia Rockies, we’ve worked hard to conserve our iconic, endangered species. And now, more than ever, we need your help to continue fighting this crisis locally.

Whereas one million species are threatened with extinction, Conservation Northwest is bringing native species back to our Northwest landscapes. When you GiveBIG to Conservation Northwest, you make our vision of a region where marbled murrelets still nest in Olympic old-growth forests, and grizzly bears roam in the North Cascades, a reality.

Thriving wildlife populations mean healthy forests, grasslands and watersheds. Our region is rich and vibrant because we share it with diverse animal species. Together, we can make sure the Pacific Northwest stays wild for them, and for all people.

As our team protects wildlands and connects critical habitats, we give endangered and threatened species like Canada lynx and wolverines the ability to move, adapt and recover.

Your tax-deductible gift to Conservation Northwest helps us give these animals a fighting chance in the face of climate change and other threats. It gives them, and us, a brighter future.

We want future generations to see greater sage-grouse dancing in the sagebrush. We want them to hear wolves howling in the mountains. We want them to know that fishers still scurry through the forest underbrush.

Our bold advocacy, groundbreaking collaborations and community-based projects have made our region 30 years wilder. None of this work is possible without caring individuals like you, who support our wild vision of a healthy Northwest for all.

GiveBIG to Conservation Northwest today and help us keep local species off the extinction list. You can help us build a wilder tomorrow!

For the wild,

Matthew and the Conservation Northwest Team

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