We’re thankful for our supporters

We’re thankful for our supporters

Conservation Northwest / Nov 27, 2019 / Members

Because of you, we can restore vulnerable wildlife and connect our wildlands in ways we couldn’t have imagined 30 years ago.

By Matthew Coomer, Membership and Operations Associate

Happy Thanksgiving! We are deeply thankful for your continued dedication, commitment, and generosity today and every day.

A buck uses the recently-renovated Janis Bridge wildlife undercrossing near Tonasket. Photo: WA State Department of Transportation
A mule deer buck uses the recently-renovated Janis Bridge wildlife undercrossing near Tonasket. Photo: WSDOT

Your dedication to connected habitats allows us to build wildlife crossings on busy roadways like Interstate 90 and Highway 97. With your support, this fall we renovated Janis Bridge to serve as a wildlife undercrossing, and it’s already saving lives on one of Washington’s most dangerous stretches of highway for vehicle-animal collisions!

Your commitment to restored landscapes allows us to lead restoration programs in the Central Cascades, where we are replanting native plants, repairing damage from illegal ATV use, and decommissioning old roads to improve wildlife habitat. You’ve also helped make our Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project one of the largest volunteer-powered wildlife monitoring programs in the country!

Your generosity helps us protect thousands of acres of wildlands, including popular trails and forests around Blanchard Mountain and Oyster Dome. These iconic recreation areas are now permanently protected!

There is still so much good that we can do together, and so many of our vital species and wild spaces still need protection. In that spirit, we’d be honored if you made a year-end gift to Conservation Northwest on December 3 as part of Giving Tuesday.

The view from Samish Overlook on Blanchard Mountain. Vistas like this one are now permanently protected thanks to supporters like you! Photo: Chase Gunnell

Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving that brings people together through doing good. As a regional conservation leader, we work with diverse stakeholders and communities every day. We know that conservation progress is only sustainable when it supports prosperous communities where people of all identities are included in protection efforts.

Every gift makes a difference for wildlife, wildlands, and local communities. Please make Giving Tuesday a day to remember through sending a tax-deductible gift or exploring these other creative ways to give!

We hope that your Thanksgiving is filled with wonderful moments and food shared with family and friends. Thank you so much for keeping our holidays wild!

When you make a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION to Conservation Northwest during Giving Tuesday, you’re part of a global giving movement AND a leader in local conservation!