Wildlife using Highway 97 crossing thanks to you

Wildlife using Highway 97 crossing thanks to you

Since completing renovations on Janis Bridge to better serve as a wildlife crossing, we’ve documented dozens of animals safely crossing Highway 97! By Matthew Brouwer, Development Director A few weeks ago we updated you on progress with the Okanagon Wildlife Crossing Campaign including protective fencing along Highway 97 and improvements to a wildlife crossing under Janis … Continued

Soldiers and sagebrush; a trip to the Yakima Training Center

A military training ground between Ellensburg and Yakima contains some of the best shrub-steppe habitat in the state. BY Jay Kehne, Sagelands Program Lead and Rose Piccinini, Sagelands Contractor In central Washington lies a vast landscape with some of the most prime shrub-steppe habitat in the state. Its northern border is drawn by I-90, to … Continued

Saving lives on Highway 97

Supporters and partners helped us reach our fundraising goal for the Okanogan Wildlife Crossing Campaign, ensuring safer passage for mule deer across Highway 97. by mitch Friedman, executive director Today, we’re thrilled to say thank you and congratulations to everyone who has supported our Okanogan Wildlife Crossing Campaign. The collective generosity of more than 570 … Continued

“Greening” up the Quilomene wildlife area

Our staff, partners and volunteers are improving public access and protecting habitat at the Green Gate access site on the Quilomene Wildlife Area by building an informational kiosk and installing green-dot road signs. By Rose Piccinini, Sagelands Contractor The Green Gate access site, off Old Vantage Highway east of Ellensburg, is the primary public access … Continued

A highway runs through it

Our new Okanogan Wildlife Crossing Campaign is working for safe passage on Highway 97 By Leigh Ann Gilmer, Development Director There’s a 12-mile span of highway in north-central Washington that’s designated as a “high kill area.” Along this stretch, drivers grip their steering wheels with tight knuckles as they test their luck and barrel through … Continued

Can drinking beer really save mule deer?

We invite you to drink beer with us and learn about some BIG projects we’re working on this summer! By Maureen McGregor, Membership Associate Invite your friends and bring the family – there will be games and raffle prizes for all! Pizza and light snacks will be provided. $10 suggested donation + all Lagunitas beer sale proceeds will benefit Conservation … Continued