Can drinking beer really save mule deer?

Can drinking beer really save mule deer?

Conservation Northwest / Jun 19, 2018 / Cascades to Rockies, Connecting Habitat, Wildlife Crossings

We invite you to drink beer with us and learn about some BIG projects we’re working on this summer!

By Maureen McGregor, Membership Associate

Invite your friends and bring the family – there will be games and raffle prizes for all! Pizza and light snacks will be provided. $10 suggested donation + all Lagunitas beer sale proceeds will benefit Conservation Northwest.

More about the event

Connecting habitat has been a cornerstone of Conservation Northwest’s work since our founding in 1989. By focusing on connecting the big landscapes, we’ve successfully protected vital wildlife corridors and reconnected habitat between Washington’s north and central Cascades, from the B.C. Coast Range to the North Cascades, from the Cascades to the Rocky Mountains, and more.

Learn more in our recent video, Connecting the Wild Northwest

But our work isn’t done, and we need your support!

This is what the Wildlife Crossing could look like... with your help!
This is what the wildlife underpass could look like on Highway 97 – but only with your support!

Come learn about the importance of wildlife crossings and why we’re turning our attention to north-central Washington to protect both animals and people through our new Okanogan Wildlife Crossing Campaign.

Along a white-knuckle stretch of Highway 97 near the Carter Mountain Wildlife Area, more than 350 deer are needlessly hit and killed by cars each year. At an average of $4,500 per collision, this costs millions of taxpayer dollars, not to mention, motorist safety and even lives!

This busy highway also divides critical habitat for Canada Lynx, among other precious wildlife.

We want to do something about it, so we’re raising money to purchase a wildlife underpass for Highway 97. And YOU can be part of this vital project.

Mule deer need your help to safely cross the road!

All you have to do to is attend this event and drink beer. (Yes, it’s really that easy!)

Lagunitas is generously donating all proceeds of beer sales from this event to Conservation Northwest to support our work for more wildlife crossings.Cheers to that!

We hope to see you there!

P.S. Can’t attend the event but still want to donate to this great cause? Donate to the Highway 97 Wildlife Crossing today by clicking here!