Cascades to Olympics field tour of northern and southern habitat linkages

Cascades to Olympics field tour of northern and southern habitat linkages

Wildlife connectivity across I-5 in southwest Washington is increasingly restricted by development, but there are opportunities to restore habitat and enhance structures to serve as wildlife crossings. By Keiko Betcher, Communications and Outreach Associate Recently, Conservation Northwest’s Communications Director Chase Gunnell and I met with our Cascades to Olympics Coordinator Brian Stewart to check out … Continued

I-90 wildlife crossing restoration, recreation outreach and more; 2020 updates from the Central Cascades Watersheds Restoration program

Habitat restoration, forest and road surveys, responsible recreation outreach, state land transfers and continued collaboration toward restoring Gold Creek made for a successful year in the Central Cascades. By Laurel Baum, Central Cascades Conservation Associate Despite the various setbacks and hardships of 2020, our work in the field continued, especially to meet the needs of … Continued

Sagelands habitat restoration in the Whiskey Dick Wildlife Area

Fence removal efforts in central Washington near Ellensburg support the seasonal movements of migratory shrub-steppe species. By Keiko Betcher, Communications and Outreach Associate For large mammals such as elk and mule deer, and for other sagelands species like burrowing owls and sage-grouse, fences are often a dead end—especially old, unneeded, barbed-wire fences. Some species, like … Continued

Your support helps heal Northwest forests

Many Washington forests have been damaged by decades of abuse. You can help restore them back to health with a gift today! Imagine for a moment a scenic drive over Snoqualmie Pass, dense evergreen forests on either side of your car for miles and miles. Now what if I told you that much of this … Continued

Our work for incredible Northwest forests

Since 1989, our Forest Field Program has worked to ecologically restore our national forests. A flagship program since our founding, we advance the use of the latest scientific research and engage collaboratively with other stakeholders to promote landscape-scale restoration of forests and watersheds. Check out the map below to learn more about some of the … Continued

Little Crow Restoration Project moves forward in Cascades east of Chinook Pass

The approved project includes a suite of actions for watershed and forest restoration, aiming to balance ecological and recreation needs. By Kathleen S. Gobush, Ph.D. and Laurel Baum, Central Cascades Watershed Restoration Program The Little Crow Restoration Project, located on the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest just east of Chinook Pass, aims to restore ecological resilience in … Continued

Response to final Snoquera Landscape Analysis decision

Years of stakeholder engagement on the Snoquera Project lays out a final plan for landscape-scale forest and watershed restoration in the Central Cascades. BY KATHLEEN S. GOBUSH, PH.D. and Laurel Baum, Central Cascades Watersheds Restoration Program In mid-March, after more than two and half years of planning, the U.S. Forest Service published its decision on … Continued

Report summary on Cascades to Olympics Connectivity

Cascades to Olympics program bolstered by new findings and conclusions from research on habitat connectivity in the Chehalis Basin. BY BRIAN STEWART, CASCADES TO OLYMPICS CONNECTIVITY CONTRACTOR Conservation Northwest’s new Cascades to Olympics program works to restore habitat and improve wildlife connectivity between Washington’s Cascades Range and Olympic Peninsula. The program geography stretches from Mount Rainier to … Continued

Central Cascades Watersheds Restoration season wrap-up

This year we had a record number of volunteers, put thousands of native plants in the ground, improved signage, and engaged with diverse partners to restore watershed health in the Central Cascades. By Laurel Baum, Central Cascades Conservation Associate From the vibrant slopes of Snoqualmie Pass near I-90 to the lush old-growth forests in the … Continued

Working with tribes, agencies, ranchers and farmers to restore wetlands in Washington’s shrub-steppe

How 30 people and 30 tons of rock can improve critical habitat for wildlife in north-central Washington. By keiko betcher, communications and outreach associate Recently, our Sagelands Program Lead Jay Kehne helped lead a three-day wetlands restoration workshop in north-central Washington’s shrub-steppe. The event brought together multiple state, federal, tribal and local partners for a … Continued