What 2020 taught me about ecological and emotional resilience

What 2020 taught me about ecological and emotional resilience

Just as an old-growth tree serves as the ecological backbone of a resilient forest, a strong emotional foundation can help people get through hard times. By Tiana Luke, Colville Forest Lead Much of my work as part of the Forest Field Team centers on ecological resilience. Whether that is increasing ecological resilience—so wildfires burn within … Continued

Introducing the Colville Wild campaign

Working toward permanent protections for northeast Washington’s wildest roadless forests, particularly the crest of the Kettle Range You may have heard of the Columbia Highlands Initiative, which we’ve recently rebooted as our Colville Wild campaign. You can also find more information here. THANK YOU to everyone who has followed this effort, some background on our … Continued

A change in scenery in the Columbia Highlands

Getting to know our Forest Field Program and its place in the landscape and community of northeast Washington. BY KEIKO BETCHER, COMMUNICATIONS AND OUTREACH ASSOCIATE, AND MATTHEW BROUWER, DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR As two staffers based in Conservation Northwest’s Seattle headquarters, it’s not often that we get the chance to spend time enjoying the landscapes we work … Continued

Colville Forest Plan still needs improvement for wilderness, ecological forest management

In our continued push for wilderness protections in northeast Washington, we made several objections to the Forest’s final management plan. by Tiana Luke, Conservation Associate, Colville Forest Field Staff The 15-year process of updating the Colville National Forest Management Plan is coming to its culmination. We have been striving since 2004 to help forge a … Continued

Hiking the Columbia Highlands with staff from Senators Cantwell, Murray

Our Chewelah and Deer Park field staffers and colleagues from the Northeast Washington Forest Coalition had the pleasure of showing representatives from the offices of Senator Maria Cantwell and Senator Patty Murray around the Columbia Highlands this week! We hiked some incredible trails while talking about wolves, range riders, Get Out Fest, and the need for more protected wilderness on the … Continued