Remembering the legacy of Teanaway wolf 32M

Remembering the legacy of Teanaway wolf 32M

Wolf 32M started the repopulation of wolves in the Central Cascades and lived 12 long years as a “patriarch” of wolves in Washington. BY MITCH FRIEDMAN, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR This beautiful video by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is bittersweet for us at Conservation Northwest. It’s sad to lose 32M, but we can’t help … Continued

Acclaimed documentary The Trouble With Wolves streaming now

Conservation Northwest hosted a film screening of this documentary with Patagonia Seattle followed by a panel discussion during the summer of 2019. As an organization with a long history of promoting wolf coexistence, we strongly recommend this film. The biologists, wildlife watchers, hunters, ranchers and others (including many we work closely with!) featured in The … Continued

New paper on predator-friendly beef and coexistence with wolves

Carol Bogezi, a UW researcher and Conservation Northwest Board Member, published a study on the feasibility of predator-friendly beef to promote wolf recovery. By Keiko Betcher, Communications and Outreach Associate As wolves continue to recover in Washington state, we’re working to promote coexistence and societal acceptance between these carnivores and people. Our goal is to … Continued

The fear narrative: a barrier for grizzly bears

If our neighbors up north can coexist with grizzly bears, why can’t we? By Joe Scott, International Programs Director While the majority of Washingtonians support restoring grizzly bears to the backcountry of the North Cascades, opposition remains. And though we know that these bears will benefit the North Cascades Ecosystem while restoring a missing piece … Continued

Stories from the field

One rancher within the Smackout Pack’s territory in northeast Washington wants you to know that our efforts for wolf coexistence are making a difference. By Jay Shepherd, wolf program lead Recently, I got a call from a rancher and long-time partner we’ve worked with for decades to support wolf coexistence. They wanted to express their … Continued

Wolves, Collaboration, and Coexistence

By Mitch Friedman, Executive Director Washington’s wolves have been in the news again this summer. While infrequent conflict between wolves and livestock is not unexpected, it’s never easy. For Conservation Northwest, that’s especially true when these conflicts involve ranchers with whom we’ve worked for years to help build acceptance of wolves in rural areas, as … Continued