Acclaimed documentary The Trouble With Wolves streaming now

Acclaimed documentary The Trouble With Wolves streaming now

Conservation Northwest / May 21, 2020 / Range Riding, Wolves

Conservation Northwest hosted a film screening of this documentary with Patagonia Seattle followed by a panel discussion during the summer of 2019. As an organization with a long history of promoting wolf coexistence, we strongly recommend this film.

The biologists, wildlife watchers, hunters, ranchers and others (including many we work closely with!) featured in The Trouble with Wolves provide a balanced perspective of wolf recovery issues, and effectively capture the complexities and controversies of successful coexistence. We encourage anyone who is interested in wolf recovery to purchase this excellent film and support Filmmaker Collin Monda in his efforts to shed light on the reality of wolf coexistence in America.

The Trouble With Wolves examines coexistence with America’s most controversial predator — streaming now

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SEATTLE, WA: Wolves. Cherished and lauded by nature and wildlife conservationists. Source of destruction and symbol of governmental overstep to ranchers and hunting outfitters. The Trouble with Wolves is the acclaimed debut film from native Northwest independent filmmaker, Collin Monda, that dives deep into what coexistence really looks like with the iconic apex predator.

Five years in the making, the 57-minute documentary centers around the ongoing battle for balance between wolf advocates and those most affected by their predatory nature. “When I began this project, I immediately realized how little I actually knew about wolves in the wild,” said Monda. “But I realized that was a part of the story. Moving forward, I was determined to just listen. And that’s what I’m trying to put on screen now: a middleground you really can’t see or hear through all the divisive headlines and intense politics surrounding these animals.”

The Trouble with Wolves – Official Trailer HD from Collin Monda on Vimeo.

About The Trouble With Wolves

Once exterminated from the lower 48 states, wolves have made a triumphant return to Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding states. Hailed as, ‘the greatest animal conservation success in human history,’ to many others living in the areas affected, the story is dramatically different. There is after all, a reason wolves have been, and continue to be, the world’s most controversial predator. But the question remains: do they deserve a place on this landscape?

From hunters without game and ranchers on the brink of losing their family businesses, to the biologists who personally brought the wolves back and the wildlife managers struggling to find equilibrium, The Trouble With Wolves is a rich character study revealing what’s really going on in the American West, and it probably isn’t what you’ve been told by agenda-driven environmentalists or rabid anti-wolf groups. To learn more, visit

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About the Filmmaker

Director Collin Monda followed the truth to the center of the divide to create this important story about the iconic wolf. With the goal of showing a truly balanced point of view, the film connects strongly with audiences across the map. The Trouble With Wolves is Collin’s debut documentary feature, and the spark of a deep passion for coexistence in all forms.


“One of the rare documentaries that transcends its own subject.” – Visit Seattle

“Absolutely fantastic in every way…emotionally, factually, and practically. I really couldn’t have dreamed of a better way to think about wolves.” – Sierra Club

“We believe that this film, which includes interviews with ranchers, wildlife biologists, state wolf management, and Yellowstone Wolf Restoration leaders, presents the most balanced, respectful film to date about coexistence.” – Wolf Haven International

Festivals & Awards

Big Sky Documentary Film Festival | Capital City Film Festival | International Wildlife Film Festival NYC Indie Film Festival | Wolf Haven International Special Screening | SF Doc Film Festival Peekskill Film Festival | New Hope Film Festival | Asheville Film Festival | Jefferson State Flixx Fest Crested Butte Film Fest | Local Sightings Film Festival | Wildlife Conservation Film Festival | Portland Film Festival | Napa Valley Film Festival | Wild & Scenic Film Fest | Green Bay Film Festival | Las Cruces Film Festival | San Luis Obispo Film Fest | DC Environmental Film Fest | Garden State Film Fest Maryland Intl. Film Fest | South Side Film Fest

Winner, Best Documentary – Las Cruces Film Festival 2019
Winner, Best Feature – Local Sightings Film Festival 2018
Winner, Best Documentary – Peekskill Film Festival 2018
Winner, Best Animal Welfare Film – New Hope Film Festival 2018
Winner, Excellence in Environmental Filmmaking – SF Doc Fest 2018
Finalist, Best Documentary – Julien Dubuque Film Festival 2019
Finalist, Big Sky Award – Big Sky Documentary Film Festival 2018

learn more at THETROUBLEWITHWOLVES.COM. read about conservation northwest’s work for wolf coexistence on our WEBPAGE.
A wolf documented between Stevens Pass and Leavenworth on February 7, 2020 at a wolverine research station set out through our Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project. Photo: CNW