How to set up the perfect remote camera site to document wildlife

VIDEO: Large Carnivores and You

How you can aid wildlife conservation and get connected to nature Produced by students from the University of Washington’s School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, Department of Biology, and College of the Environment, March 2019. THANK YOU! You can help make an impact in the conservation of iconic Northwest species like the wolverine, Canada lynx, … Continued

2019 season update from the Cascades Wolverine Project

Captivating wildlife photos are a strong start to the winter season for our partners at the Cascades Wolverine Project. Photos and text by david moskowitz, cascades wolverine project *Editor’s Note: David is a longtime Conservation Northwest colleague and contractor, including advising our Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project. Conservation Northwest is proud to be a partner and … Continued

Looking for Patterns

A day in the field with a Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project snow tracking team. by Keiko betcher, communications and outreach associate On most occasions, sitting in North Bend’s Safeway parking lot at 7:30 a.m. wouldn’t be a cause for excitement. But on a recent January morning, it was. I was going snow tracking. Of course, … Continued

Our favorite wildlife monitoring photos from 2018

From elusive wolverines to fishers and cougars, we compiled some of our favorite photos from the past year of the Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project. By Laurel Baum, Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project Coordinator Often times, humans and wildlife seem so separate from one another. Our concepts of life are completely different—for wildlife, it’s survival and reproduction. … Continued

Mountain lion steals wolverine bait

Well, this explains what happened to our wolverine bait! Follow us on Instagram for more photos of Northwest wildlife: Or check out the albums in our Flickr photo archive.  Gathering data on rare and recovering wildlife While most of our Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project remote camera sites operate from spring through fall, a few hardy volunteers … Continued