VIDEO: Large Carnivores and You

VIDEO: Large Carnivores and You

Conservation Northwest / Mar 25, 2019 / Wildlife Monitoring

How you can aid wildlife conservation and get connected to nature

Produced by students from the University of Washington’s School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, Department of Biology, and College of the Environment, March 2019. THANK YOU!

You can help make an impact in the conservation of iconic Northwest species like the wolverine, Canada lynx, grizzly bear and gray wolf. Get connected with the environmental community and nature by participating in citizen science!

The data we collect through our Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project is used by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and other state, federal, tribal and independent scientists to inform wildlife conservation and land use decisions. Learn more including how to get involved in this short video!

For more information, join our Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project Facebook group or visit our website: