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British Columbia’s Copper Mountain mine is a dire threat to Washington waters and communities

Two new reports outline the catastrophic consequences of a tailings dam failure SEATTLE, Wash. – The dams containing toxic waste generated by British Columbia’s Copper Mountain mine have an unacceptable probability of failing and inundating B.C. and Washington rivers and communities with poisonous sludge, according to two newly released reports. The mine, located just 25 … Continued

New Analysis Confirms British Columbia Mines Pose Unacceptable, Irreversible Threats to U.S. Waters, Communities

Risks escalating due to more frequent catastrophic weather events related to climate change. SEATTLE – British Columbia’s rapidly accelerating mining boom – and the dangerous waste that accompanies it – threaten communities and watersheds in neighboring states, including Washington, Alaska, Idaho and Montana according to a new report. Climate-fueled floods and disasters are exacerbating the threats … Continued

Chehalis River Alliance statement on flooding by the LAND Steering Committee

The newly formed Local Actions Non-Dam Alternative (LAND) steering committee is looking to develop holistic and sustainable flood reduction projects in the Chehalis Basin. Over the last two decades, flooding events in the Chehalis River Basin have been alarming and hazardous for many local communities. The Chehalis River Alliance supports a non-dam alternative and released … Continued