Forest Roads

Speak up to fund the Legacy Roads and Trails Program

Tell your members of Congress to fund national forest infrastructure to benefit wildlife habitat, recreation opportunities, and local communities.   Since 2018, the federal government has neglected to invest in national forest road systems, creating problems for our waterways and fish populations, especially when extreme weather events are driven by climate change. Rainwater routinely washes … Continued

Towards ecologically & economically sustainable forest roads

USFS must reduce roads network while preserving key public and emergency access routes This week, the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) released travel analysis reports that assess existing road systems and identify opportunities to achieve a more sustainable system of roads for each national forest in the Pacific Northwest. As part of a national travel management process, the Forest … Continued

Speak up for sustainable roads in the Methow Valley!

WILD NW Action Alert #251: Support sensible roads in the Chewuch watershed Above the Methow Valley town of Winthrop lies one of our region’s most popular and scenic wild areas: the Chewuch River watershed. But an expansive and unsustainable forest road network is putting this special place at risk. We need YOU to help ensure … Continued