Statement on proposal to delist Canada lynx

Statement on proposal to delist Canada lynx

Conservation Northwest / Jan 11, 2018 / Lynx, News Releases, Restoring Wildlife

Today, Through a species ASSESSMENT, the trump administration and u.s. fish and wildlife service announced their intentions to remove endangered species protections for Canada lynx. in response to this news and the many threats still facing struggling populations of this elusive wildcat, including in Washington state, conservation northwest issued the following statement:
A close up of a Canada lynx in north-central Washington state. Photo: Scott Fisher, Washington DNR

“Lynx populations in Washington have declined since they were identified as a threatened species in 2000,” said Dave Werntz, Science and Conservation Director at Conservation Northwest.

“A significant amount of the habitat where they remain has been lost to recent large fires. The Trump Administration’s decision that lynx no longer deserve federal protection is shameful, cavalier, and contrary to best available information. It’s clear that lynx are facing extinction threats and warrant federal wildlife protections.”

More information regarding our decades of work protecting lynx habitat, advocating for state and federal protections, and documenting their presence in Washington and southern British Columbia is available at: