Speak up for Recovering America’s Wildlife Act to save at-risk species and critical habitat

Speak up for Recovering America’s Wildlife Act to save at-risk species and critical habitat

Conservation Northwest / May 20, 2022 / Action Alert, Restoring Wildlife

WILD NW Action Alert #325: Tell your members of Congress to swiftly pass the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act and invest in our wildlife and wildlands!

The at-risk greater sage grouse in central Washington
The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act would support greater sage grouse and other at-risk species by funding State Wildlife Action Plans. Photo: Wyoming Public Media

The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (RAWA) is a piece of game-changing wildlife conservation legislation that can ensure a future for Washington’s natural heritage. If passed, this bill would issue $1.4 billion annually to national conservation efforts—including $21 million in funding to Washington state to help at-risk wildlife species and to support critical habitat restoration projects.

We need YOUR HELP to bring this monumental legislation one step closer to the finish line!

Habitat loss, encroaching human development, disease, and changing climate threats are taking a severe toll on our wildlife and many struggling species are in rapid decline. The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act is the solution we need to prevent more than one-third of known plant and animal species from sliding toward extinction and possibly disappearing forever.

The Senate bill has 32 cosponsors – including 16 Republicans – and the House bill has 171 cosponsors. After passing out of the Senate’s Environment and Public Works committee in April, the next step is to bring each bill (S.2372, H.R.2773) to the floor of both the Senate and the House.

Contact your members of Congress today to urge them for quick passage of the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act!

In Washington alone, 268 species are identified by the Department of Fish and Wildlife as needing additional conservation help. Species like wolverine, bull trout, bighorn sheep, pygmy rabbit, harlequin ducks, tiger salamanders stand to benefit from this proactive funding for locally led restoration projects. Conservation action is needed before these species require the ‘emergency room’ intervention of the Endangered Species Act.

Tribal Nations such as the Tulalip, Colville and Quinault would also share $97.5 million annually directed to natural resource departments to fund wildlife and habitat conservation efforts on the tens of millions of acres under Tribal management nationwide.

Please use our simple form to contact your members of Congress and ask them to cosponsor and support quick passage of the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act! You will join more than 1,500 businesses and organizations that have already signed on in support of this bill.

If your U.S. Representative or Senators have already co-sponsored the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act, this action form will send them a thank you message and encourage them to continue to advocate for the bill.

Learn more from our friends at The National Wildlife Federation and on our webpage.
Proactive investment in wildlife is badly needed in Washington state to recover many of its native species, like fishers. Photo Paul Bannick.