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The Conservation Connection Archives:


January – Invite to Annual Auction, Cascades Wolverine Conservation Event, Washington’s Legislative Session, and Wolf Conservation in Press, Conservation in the News


December – Gaining Legal Protection for Wolverine, Lynx Conservation Updates, I-5 Wildlife Connectivity with Student Researchers, New Protection Measures for Old-Growth Forests, Conservation in the News
November – Wildways Film Release, Wildlife Connectivity Along I-5, Lynx Release Updates, Conservation in the News
October – North Cascades Grizzly Bear Feature, Wildlife Connectivity and State Forest Management Policy, Conservation in the News
September – North Cascades Grizzly Bear Reintroduction efforts, Wildlife Ambassador Project Season Wrap, Conservation in the News
August – Mardee Lake Legal Win with Crag Law Center, Doris Duke Scholars, RefugeFest 2023, Conservation in the News
July – Field Days Feature of Northeast Washington, Fire-Prep Near Greenwater, Crosscuts Talks Podcast, Conservation in the News
June – Wildlife Ambassador Project launch, Okanogan high-school ecology engagement, Copper Mountain Mine, Conservation in the News
May – Wildlife Society’s Partnership Awarded to Dave Werntz, North Cascades Grizzly Bear web launch, Paula Swedeen at Crosscut Ideas Festival, Conservation in the News
April – Climate Commitment Act Funds Washington state forests, Highway 12 wildlife connectivity, Carnivore Restoration Film, partnership with Target Circle, Conservation in the News
March – Annual Auction Remidner, McLoughlin Falls Ranch to the Colville Confederated Tribes, continue policy efforts for preserving old-growth forests, Satsop River Connectivity Restoration, Conservation in the News
February – Central Cascades Watershed Restoration Program update, action alerts for protecting state-owned mature forests and securing better wildlife management funding, 20th Annual Auction & Dinner announcement, volunteer call for our Cascades to Olympics Program, Conservation in the News
January – WDFW’s State Wildlife Action Plan funding, Conservation Northwest’s stance on e-bike policy in WA, bighorn sheep protection, Chehalis Basins group offers non-dam alternatives, Conservation in the News


December – Critical research encourages more sustainable timber management in Washington, NW voices urge lawmakers to protect U.S. waters from B.C. mining threats, the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act was left out of omnibus funding package, and what’s next for Conservation Northwest, Conservation in the News
November – Federal agencies restart the process for potentially restoring North Cascades grizzly bears, Colville Confederated Tribes and project partners release ten more lynx in Eastern Washington, and our community partnership strengthens with the Veterans’ Ecological Trades Collective, Conservation in the News
October – WDFW continues investigating the fatal poisoning of six wolves, Mitch Friedman receives a Wilburforce Foundation award, we introduce more recent staff, and the film ‘Finding Gulo’ with Cascades Wolverine Project is now available online, Conservation in the News
September – Using ranch sanitation to reduce wolf conflicts, an opinion piece on the future of wildlife and recreation coexistence, new research that reveals wildlife habitat connectivity hot spots on Interstate 5, staff introductions, Conservation in the news.
August – RAWA passes the U.S. House, grizzly bear recovery efforts in the North Cascades, wildlife coexistence during the summer, and highlights from our staff retreat, Conservation in the News
July – A literature review from our WREC program, our annual report for 2020-2021, and then the successful summer internship programs this Summer, Conservation in the News
June – RAWA passes the U.S. House, grizzly bear recovery efforts in the North Cascades, wildlife coexistence during the summer, and highlights from our staff retreat, Conservation in the News
May – A West Without Barbed-Wire, Washington is Best for Wolves, Wolverine Protections Under ESA, enacting RAWA, Conservation in the News
April – Cascades to Olympics Program, Auction Highlights, Okanogan Forest Management, Wolves Annual Report, Legacy Roads Program, Conservation in the News
March – Highway 97 State Funded, Auction, Volunteer for Satsop River Highway, WDFW’s 10-year recreation strategy draft, Conservation Northwest is hiring, Conservation in the News
February – Lynx and Fisher reintroduction updates, Success from Highway 97 Janis Bridge, Finding Gulo event highlights, Chehalis River Alliance statement, CWMP volunteering opportunities, Conservation in the News
January – BC Mining Policy, Lorraine Loomis Act, Climate Audit, Range Rider Project, Sagelands Heritage, 7th Lynx Released, Conservation in the News


November – Canada Lynx, Director’s Blog, Infrastructure Package, Fishers Released, Refuge Outdoors, Nooksack Comments, Conservation in the News
October – Colville Lands, Wildlife-Recreation, State Forests, Cascades to Olympics, Wolverine Film, WDFW Conservation, Conservation in the News
September – Twisp Logging, I-90 Wildlife Watch, Solar Farms, Mount Rainier, Sea Witch Botanicals, Centralia Wildlife Area, Conservation in the News
August – Wildfires and Climate, State Forests Op-Ed, Central Cascades Update, Electronic Bikes, Snoqualmie Tribal Lands, Chehalis Basin Budget, Conservation in the News
July – Wildlife Act, Wildfire Dispatches, Snowtracking Report, Satsop Volunteers, Mine Expansion, Sagelands Support, Conservation in the News
June – Now Hiring, Cascades to Rockies, Wolf Updates, Coast to Cascades, Fisher Kits, Forest Field Program, Conservation in the News
April – Auction Thanks, Wolf Counts, Legislative Outcomes, Canadian Mines, Legacy Roads, GiveBIG, Conservation in the News
March – State Forests, Silent Auction, Grizzly Webinar, Beavers and Biochar, Sagelands Recovery, Respectful Recreation, Conservation in the News
February – Sagelands Film, 2021 Auction, B.C. Mines, Grizzly Letter, I-5 Wildlife Crossings, Wenatchee Pilot Project, Conservation in the News
January – Safe Passage 97, Trust Land Transfer, Legislative Priorities, Similkameen River, 2020 Accomplishments, Ecological Resilience, Conservation in the News


December – Goodbye, 2020, Wildlife Photos, Central Cascades, Sagelands Restoration, Wolverine Updates, Mission Project Win, Conservation in the News
November – 2020 Update, Endangered Grouse, Chehalis Dam, Giving Thanks, Working for Wildlife, Biden’s Agenda, Conservation in the News
October – VOTE for the Wild, Wolverine Protections, Bighorn Sheep, Holiday Giving, Range Rider Standards, Wildfires and Climate, Conservation in the News
September – Sagelands Fires, Impact Report, Transboundary Rivers, Members Month, I-5 Wildlife Crossings, Wolf Management, Conservation in the News
August – Safe Passage 97, Climate Change, Teanaway Wolf, Great Outdoors Act, Photo Contest, Refuge Outdoors, Conservation in the News
July – Great Outdoors Act, Wolves and Livestock , No Chehalis Dam, Grizzly Recovery, Wildlife Monitoring, Nooksack Logging, Conservation in the News
June – Diversity Resources, Forest Restoration, Little Crow Project, Great Outdoors Act, Colville Wild, Nooksack Dam, Conservation News
May – Restoration Jobs, Prescribed Fire, Chehalis Dam, Wildlife Crossings, Volunteer Recognition, GiveBIG, Conservation News
April – COVID Update, Wolf Counts, Earth Day 2020, Cascades to Rockies, Chehalis Dam, Healthy Watersheds, Conservation in the News
March – Online Auction, Stay Healthy, Wildlife Funding, Coast to Cascades, Restoring Gold Creek, Cascades Wolverines, Conservation News
February – 2020 Auction, Wolverine Photos, Healthy Watersheds, Safe Passage 97, Cascades to Olympics, I-90 Update, Conservation News
January – Tabs for Good, State Forests, Healthy Watersheds, Wildlife Funding, Wolverine Lawsuit, Chehalis Comments, Conservation News


December – 2019 Accomplishments, Safe Passage 97, Auction, Legislative Preview, Central Cascades, Fisher Journey, Conservation News
November – Holiday Giving, Safe Passage 97, Sagelands, Central Cascades, Wolf Recovery, Colville Forest, Conservation News
October – Cascades Fishers, Wolf Recovery, Marbled Murrelets, Blanchard Protected, Forest Restoration, Recovering Wildlife, Conservation News
September – Members Month, Sagelands Workshop, Grizzly Meeting, Murrelet Plan, Fisher Reintroduction, Habitat Restoration
August – Wolves and Range Riders, Special Thanks, Grizzly Comments, Grizzly Restoration, Central Cascades, Fisher Paper
July – SOS National Park, Colville Forest Plan, Recovering Wildlife, First Foods, Members, Wolves
June – Wolf Event, Skagit Headwaters, Membership, Bighorn Project, Columbia Highlands, Forest Science
May – Volunteer Events, Pronghorn Recovery, WDFW Underfunding, Wild Olympics, Wildlife Monitoring, Skagit Mining
April – 30th Anniversary, Equity & Justice, Wolf Packs, Scholarship Opportunity, Olympia Update, Wildlife Video, Skagit Mining
March – Highway 97 Crossing, Wildlife Funding, Wolverine Project, Pronghorn Recovery, Resilient Forests, 30th Auction & Dinner
February – 30th Auction & Dinner, Public Lands, Wildlife Funding, Grizzly Update, Snow Tracking, Wolf Recovery
January – 30th Anniversary, Wolf Research, Funding Wildlife, Animal Photos, Okanagan Park, New Staff


December – Give for Wildlife, 2018 Accomplishments, Fishers Returned, Wildlife Budget, Sagelands Conservation, Upper Wenatchee
November – Save LWCF, Wildlife Funding, Murrelet Habitat , Grizzly Blog, First Foods, Habitat Restoration
October – Okanogan Crossings, Volunteer Restoration, Murrelet Habitat, Cascades to Olympics, Refuge Outdoors, Sagelands Perspectives
September – I-90 Crossings, Okanogan Wildlife, Colville Forest Plan, Forest Restoration, Park Celebration, Blanchard Protected
August – Fires and Smoke, Togo Wolves, Endangered Species, I-90 Wildlife, Grasslands Fire, LWCF
July – Blanchard Celebration, Grizzly Report, Sagelands Flight, Wolf Behavior, Logging and Fire, DC Visit
June – New Wildlife Crossing, Grizzly Funding, Yes on 1631, Action Alerts, Pygmy Rabbits, WDFW Director
May – Wolverine News, Grouse Released, Central Cascades, Elk Crossing, Methow Forests, GiveBIG Thanks
April – Annual Auction, Grizzly Op-Ed, Wolf Updates, Sagelands Program, Recovering Wildlife Act, Caribou Survey
March – Grizzly Restoration, Forest Collaboration, Wolf Counts, Coexistence Science, Wildfire Funding, Wildlife Monitoring
February – Annual Auction, Public Lands, Safe Passage, Fisher Video, Grizzly Update, Blanchard Mountain
January – Blanchard Saved, Cascade Crossroads, Winter Tracking, Fisher News, Lynx Delisting, Caribou Agreement


December – Protecting Public Lands, Recovering Wildlife Act, 2017 Accomplishments, North Cascades Grizzly, Mountain Caribou, Wheels in Wilderness
November – Wildfire Op-Ed, Blanchard Update, New Staff, Thank You!, Caribou Recovery, Methow Letter
October – New Website, Working for Wildlife, Two Wolverines, DNR Forest Plan, Bad Bill, B.C. National Park
September – Wolf Op-Ed, Washington’s Wildfires, Day of Caring, Bighorn Sheep, Wildlife Legislation, Fisher Delays
August – I-90 Wildlife Watch, Lynx Project, Wolf News, Hunting Regulations, Atlantic Salmon, National Monuments
July – Fisher Kit, Blanchard Update, Filson Event, Smackout Wolves, Hanford Protected, Colville Forest Plan
June – Our Seattle HQ, Caribou Film, Hanford Monument, Wildlife Monitoring, Range Riders, Wolf News
May – Blanchard Mountain, Bear Policy, Fisher Report, New Video, Coast to Cascades, National Monuments
April – Auction Thanks, Loomis Lynx, Caribou Film, Arid Lands, Wildlife Monitoring, Sustainable Roads
March – Our Auction, Pro-grizzly Celebrities, Methow Mine, Okanogan ATVs, Wolf Counts, Interior Secretary
February – Grizzly Comments, Film Screening, Murrelet Plan, Annual Auction, Methow Film, Dakota Access Pipeline
January – Grizzly Restoration, Blanchard Forest, Olympia Update, Wildlife Monitoring, 2016 Highlights, Spokane Outdoors

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