“Where’s the pygmy rabbit?” Call for volunteers to survey and support recovery efforts

Help Conservation Northwest secure the final piece in the Okanogan

The future of this beautiful place and critical habitat corridor depends on you! Your urgent gift could make the difference in our Cascades to Rockies Capital Campaign. The foreground of that photo, taken by Justin Haug, a WDFW wildlife biologist, is critical sage steppe habitat comprising the historic Figlenski Ranch, in the Tunk Valley of central Okanogan County. … Continued

Help us protect fragile sagelands before it’s too late

More than 80 percent of Washington’s sagelands have already been lost. Help us protect this fragile ecosystem before it’s too late by making a donation or renewing your membership! By Mitch Friedman, Executive Director The beauty of shrub-steppe may be more subtle than our majestic Northwest forests, but once you get up close, you realize … Continued

Join our Cascades to Rockies Capital Campaign to preserve a critical piece of wildlands

To protect critical wildlands and connect two great mountain ranges, we’re raising $4.75 million to purchase protection for 9,243 acres in Okanogan County By Mitch Friedman, Executive Director I’m excited to introduce you to our new Cascades to Rockies Capital Campaign, one of the most innovative and impactful efforts Conservation Northwest has ever undertaken. Through … Continued

Sagelands habitat restoration in the Whiskey Dick Wildlife Area

Fence removal efforts in central Washington near Ellensburg support the seasonal movements of migratory shrub-steppe species. By Keiko Betcher, Communications and Outreach Associate For large mammals such as elk and mule deer, and for other sagelands species like burrowing owls and sage-grouse, fences are often a dead end—especially old, unneeded, barbed-wire fences. Some species, like … Continued

Sagelands wildfires, wildlife, recovery and resilience

Editor’s Note: Living and working in Omak in north-central Washington, Jay Kehne is no stranger to wildfires, and sadly, this is not the first time that he’s watched large fires burn around his community, or sheltered human and animal refugees at his home. We’re grateful to have Jay’s knowledge, generosity and decades of experience in … Continued

New maps show agricultural barriers to wildlife connectivity in our Sagelands Heritage Program

Two maps of cropland throughout Washington’s Sagelands show how constricted this area is for wildlife moving through the landscape. By Keiko Betcher, Communications and Outreach Associate Washington’s arid shrub-steppe has a subtle beauty home to dozens of delicate species, some found nowhere else in the state. While mule deer and elk frequently move through this … Continued

Connecting the Cascades to the Rocky Mountains with a wildlife corridor

Connecting the North Cascades and the Rocky Mountains through habitat corridors, wildlife crossings, forest restoration and wilderness protection. By Chase Gunnell, Communications Directors “As the climate changes, big landscape-level connections are essential. For nearly 20 years, we’ve been trying to bridge together the Cascades to the Rockies, to protect the habitat corridor,” – Mitch Friedman, … Continued