Wolverine frolicking near Leavenworth

Wolverine frolicking near Leavenworth

Conservation Northwest / Jan 29, 2016 / Wildlife Monitoring, Wolverine

A wolverine sniffs lure at a remote camera site outside Leavenworth, Washington. Photo: CNW / Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project

It’s been a stressful week for many in Washington and across the West. Here’s something lighthearted to cap it off: a wolverine frolicking in the mountains near Leavenworth!

Icicle Creek Canyon just outside Leavenworth is one of Washington’s favorite outdoor destinations. Locals and visitors alike prize the area for outstanding backpacking, rock climbing, fly fishing and much more.

It turns out that humans aren’t the only ones frolicking in “Washington’s Playground“; one of the animal kingdom’s most iconic creatures hangs outs here too. Volunteers with ourCitizen Wildlife Monitoring Project captured this amazing remote camera footage of a wolverine above Jack Creek near the upper end of Icicle Canyon in July 2015.

Wolverines from Canada have been naturally recolonizing the North Cascades over the last decade. Today, around three dozen of these rare animals, the largest land-based members of the mustelid family, are believed to reside between I-90 and the Canadian border. 

Learn about how we’re working with state and federal biologists to monitor and support the comeback of Washington’s wolverines at: www.conservationnw.org/wolverine