Wildlife and people can coexist

Wildlife and people can coexist

Conservation Northwest / Oct 12, 2016 / Work Updates

By Jeff Baierlein, Development and Communications Director

Wolves have belonged in Washington for thousands of years, a part of the fabric of nature.

Then a relentless killing campaign began. Wolves were trapped, shot and poisoned. By the 1930’s, they were wiped out.

But not forever. Wolves ventured back into Washington from Canada in the 1990’s. They championed by Conservation Northwest. And supported by advocates like you.

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But these icons of wild and free nature are still at risk. So Conservation Northwest is helping develop a plan for how wolves, people, and the livestock that graze in wolf territory can coexist.

We’re working with government leaders, other conservationists, and ranchers. We are crafting an agreement that ensures full wolf recovery in Washington. An approach that ensures that ranchers use wolf-friendly practices, so cows and wolves can coexist.

It’s a tragedy when a wolf, having become habituated to killing cows, loses its life. So we’re helping craft a realistic strategy that builds social tolerance and reduces poaching.

This science-based plan is complex. And it involves compromise. That’s not always a popular concept in a polarized America. But without buy-in from those with a stake in this matter, wolves may be shot by poachers, and driven from the landscape as they were generations ago.

We’ve made good progress in ensuring a home for Washington’s wolves. And I invite you to partner with us in advancing full wolf recovery. Together, we will continue promoting range riders and other conflict avoidance approaches. We must sustain our anti-poaching rewards.

We need to continue our science-based advocacy to support wolf recovery, and a healthy, wild Northwest. With your support, we will make this happenWill you join us?