We have a plan. And you can help.

We have a plan. And you can help.

Conservation Northwest / Oct 30, 2015 / Wildfire

Abercrombie-Hooknose Roadless Area. Photo: Eric Zamora
By Julia Spencer, Membership Manager

Wildlife and people have a lot in common.

You may have experienced living through a particularly bad fire season that endangered your community or tried to cross an extremely busy intersection without a cross walk – it’s scary.

It’s the same for wildlife facing obstacles to safely move, whether away from danger or toward the habitat they need to thrive. It’s a scary world out there for wildlife.

But, we have a plan. And you can help. Become a member today!

We’ve been working strategically for 26 years to protect, connect and restore wild landscapes in the Pacific Northwest and conserve rare and recovering wildlife.

  • We spearheaded the Cascades Conservation Partnership, an innovative project that raised almost $16 million in private donations and $68 million in public funds to protect about 45,000 acres of forest lands around Snoqualmie Pass from logging and development.

As you can see, we’ve been getting a lot done and working with people to protect what’s important – our remarkable wildlife, natural heritage and quality of life.

We’ve succeeded, sometimes against the odds, because of thousands of supporters like you.

I hope you will join this movement and help with the next big win by making a gift today!

These are just a few of the on-the-ground projects that your membership will support:

  • Our Forest Field Program, restoring and protecting forests and monitoring risky timber sales while promoting sustainable forestry.

Thanks for participating in this vital work. Together, we can continue to keep the Northwest wild!