Volunteer opportunities with our Community Wildlife Monitoring Project

Volunteer opportunities with our Community Wildlife Monitoring Project

Conservation Northwest / Feb 25, 2022 / Wildlife Monitoring

With spring training on the horizon, the Community Wildlife Monitoring Project is seeking new volunteers and team leads!

Conservation Northwest leads the Community Wildlife Monitoring Project (CWMP), a volunteer-driven program that documents rare and recovering species to support research and conservation efforts throughout the Northwest. Whether you are near the Cascade Mountains, northeast Washington, or southern British Columbia, there may be opportunities for you to join this impactful work!

Upcoming Spring Training

Last weekend in April 2022

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Wolverine photographed through the community wildlife monitoring project
Wolverine photographed near Lake Ethel in 2017 by CWMP

Our main project objectives are:

  • To engage and educate people about wildlife species and monitoring in critical habitat areas.
  • To record wildlife presence in the I-90 corridor and along the I-90 Snoqualmie Pass East Project in strategic locations and in core habitat through remote camera monitoring and snow tracking.
  • To record the presence of rare and sensitive species that regional and national conservation efforts aim to recover including the fisher, gray wolf, grizzly bear, Canada lynx, and wolverine.
  • To facilitate the exchange of information about wildlife – including data from monitoring efforts – among public agencies, researchers, conservation organizations, and interested individuals.

New and returning volunteers will receive an official invitation to signup for our training in mid-March. No prior experience is needed to start. For those with prior remote camera trapping experience, Team Lead positions are also open for those interested.

We look forward to having you join our team of community science volunteers who are passionate about our regional wildlife. This level of community science adds regional knowledge to critical species like the fisher, grey wolf, and elusive wolverine. Our work is elevated two-fold by your efforts.

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Laurel Baum,

Central Cascades Conservation Associate

Community Wildlife Monitoring Project Coordinator





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