Thank you for making Giving Tuesday a wild success!

Thank you for making Giving Tuesday a wild success!

Conservation Northwest / Dec 04, 2019 / Members

Our supporters came together to make a big difference for wildlife and wildlands, raising more than $14,000 on Giving Tuesday!

By Matthew Coomer, Membership and Operations Associate

Our team is honored to have the backing of our community as we strive to create a wilder tomorrow. Thanks to your generous support, we can continue to protect old-growth forests for marbled murrelets, connect vital sagelands for pygmy rabbits, and restore watersheds in the Central Cascades for downstream communities and local wildlife. We can’t wait to do more good together!

A buck uses the wildlife crossing we recently established by renovating Janis Bridge on a dangerous stretch of Highway 97. Photo: WSDOT

Each donation can also help us save lives. We are committed to building and improving wildlife crossings on busy highways like Interstate 90 and Highway 97 to help drivers and wildlife have safer passage. With threats like climate change accelerating, it’s never been more important for wildlife to have connected habitat corridors and the freedom to roam.

We look forward to continuing our innovative collaborations as well. We know that conservation must go hand-in-hand with prosperous communities, and we make finding inclusive, sustainable solutions a focal point of our work. Your support on Giving Tuesday is a bold reminder that the Conservation Northwest community knows that the future of wild spaces and the future of people are inextricably linked.

We can’t wait to keep you updated on all of our innovative projects, so please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and reach out if you ever have any questions. From connecting wildlands between the Olympics and the Cascades to advocating for more protected lands in the Columbia Highlands, our impact spans the region!

Dedicated supporters like you made Giving Tuesday a wild success, and every dollar helps us protect our natural heritage for future generations. Thank you so much and happy holidays!

Every day can be Giving Tuesday when you give to Conservation Northwest. Make a tax-deductible donation and help us keep the Northwest wild today!
Your support helps us to continue our innovative collaborations to find inclusive, sustainable solutions a focal point of our work.