Lytton, BC: My personal journey and climate change poster child

Lytton, BC: My personal journey and climate change poster child

2021 Fire Dispatch #2: At the spearpoint of climate change *Editor’s Note: During the big wildfires that burned across eastern Washington in 2015, we published a series of”dispatches” from our staff living and working in communities affected by fire. As 2021’s fire season as gotten off to a historically challenging start, we’ve again encouraged our … Continued

Wildfires in the West: climate change, mismanagement, or both?

Forest management alone is not the cause for the severity and scale of today’s wildfires, climate change has exacerbated the problem. But we have tools to respond. *Editor’s Note: Michael Liu joined our staff earlier this year after a distinguished career with the U.S. Forest Service, including as Methow District Ranger. We are honored to … Continued

Sagelands wildfires, wildlife, recovery and resilience

Editor’s Note: Living and working in Omak in north-central Washington, Jay Kehne is no stranger to wildfires, and sadly, this is not the first time that he’s watched large fires burn around his community, or sheltered human and animal refugees at his home. We’re grateful to have Jay’s knowledge, generosity and decades of experience in … Continued

Prescribed fire in the time of COVID-19

Prescribed burns are postponed to protect vulnerable communities during COVID-19, but our collaborative work to restore ecological resilience continues. By Michael Liu, Okanogan Forest Lead Its springtime in the Methow—the wildflowers are blooming and the rivers are rising. If you have been able to get outside, you may have noticed the sky is a little … Continued

Promoting resilient forests for people and wildlife through the Upper Wenatchee Restoration Pilot Project

We’re part of a new collaborative effort to restore forest health near Lake Wenatchee and reduce wildfire risks for nearby communities. By Jen Watkins, conservation associate A flagship effort since Conservation Northwest’s founding, for thirty years our Forest Field Program has used science and collaboration to promote the restoration of wildlands in Washington and beyond. We … Continued

Where there’s fire, there’s smoke

Smoke-choked days are likely to become the standard for late summer in the Northwest. By Mitch Friedman, Founder and Executive Director Time was that I resisted travel in August and September, considering the Northwest to be the greatest place on Earth these months. Something has changed. If you’re in Seattle, the smoky days are about … Continued

Differences between fires in grasslands and forests

With fires burning in the shrub-steppe of Central Washington this summer, we want to highlight the different roles fire plays in grasslands and forests. By Jay Kehne, Sagelands Program Lead We have learned a lot about the beneficial aspects of prescribed or controlled fires in forested environments, but recent wildfires in the sagebrush country of … Continued