A changing Northwest climate makes habitat connectivity even more critical

A changing Northwest climate makes habitat connectivity even more critical

Protecting, connecting and restoring wildlands and wildlife to keep the Northwest wild and resilient in the face of climate change By Keiko Betcher, Communications and Outreach Associate Since our founding in 1989, Conservation Northwest’s mission has always been to keep the Northwest wild. We’re working toward our long-standing vision of large, connected landscapes that support … Continued

30 years of keeping the Northwest wild

Thank you for all you’ve done to help protect, connect and restore our wildlands and wildlife these past 30 years! By Mitch Friedman, Executive Director As our 30th anniversary year comes to a close, I am humbled and awed reflecting on all that we’ve been able to achieve together over our history. When I began this … Continued

How your gift protects our wild Northwest

This holiday season, we hope you and your family and friends have a chance to enjoy our incredible, wild Northwest that you have worked so hard with us to protect and restore! By Matthew Brouwer, Development Director There are still plenty of opportunities to get outside this time of year, such as exploring old-growth forests, … Continued

The fisher journey

Getting healthy fishers from Canada to Washington is no simple task—read the story behind their journey that leads them back into the Cascades. By Keiko Betcher, Communications and Outreach Associate Huddled into the corner of a wooden box about the size of a file cabinet, a fisher with round ears, whiskers and a long bushy … Continued

Your gift at work throughout the Northwest

Check out all the ways your gift goes to work throughout Washington and British Columbia when you choose to support Conservation Northwest! Working together, we can create lasting change. We collaborate with local communities, government agencies, tribes, landowners, advocates, and other partners to develop long-term solutions that benefit people and wildlife. Make your YEAR-END TAX-DEDUCTIBLE … Continued

Returning home; the pronghorn’s journey back to Washington

Efforts are underway to restore pronghorn to Washington’s sagelands, but fences and habitat fragmentation inhibit the recovery of this native species. By Rose Piccinini, Sagelands Contractor Over the last 15 years, I’ve made the drive from Eastern Washington to central Nevada many times with my family. One of the highlights has always been getting a … Continued

Accomplishments in 2017

Some highlights from our year protecting, connecting and restoring wildlife and wildlands 2017 has brought some expected and some unforeseen challenges, but with pragmatism and purpose, we’ve persisted in keeping the Northwest wild. Looking ahead, there’s so much more work yet to be done. Please consider giving a year-end gift today. Annual Conservation Northwest memberships begin … Continued