A setback from Olympia for wildlife and ecosystems

A setback from Olympia for wildlife and ecosystems

Despite some environmental gains, the state legislature failed to fully-fund Fish & Wildlife, undermining conservation programs. Send a message to state lawmakers. By Mitch Friedman, Executive Director The Washington State Legislature adjourned this weekend after passing budget bills in its final hours. While there’s much to celebrate, our natural heritage was dealt a funding setback … Continued

Updates from Olympia

Where our legislative priorities and other conservation bills stand as of mid-April. By Chase Gunnell, Communications Director The 2019 session of the Washington State Legislature is scheduled to end on Sunday, April 28. Though extensions and special sessions with budget negotiations dragging on into summer have been common in recent years, it’s still a good … Continued

Evergreen State in the Red | WDFW Budget & Policy

Mitch Friedman, our Executive Director, shares insights from serving on the Budget and Policy Advisory Group for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. MAY 2019 UPDATE: A setback from Olympia for wildlife and ecosystems BY MITCH FRIEDMAN, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Washington has not been adequately funding its Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) enough for … Continued