Wildlife using Highway 97 crossing thanks to you

Wildlife using Highway 97 crossing thanks to you

Since completing renovations on Janis Bridge to better serve as a wildlife crossing, we’ve documented dozens of animals safely crossing Highway 97! By Matthew Brouwer, Development Director A few weeks ago we updated you on progress with the Okanagon Wildlife Crossing Campaign including protective fencing along Highway 97 and improvements to a wildlife crossing under Janis … Continued

Saving lives on Highway 97

Supporters and partners helped us reach our fundraising goal for the Okanogan Wildlife Crossing Campaign, ensuring safer passage for mule deer across Highway 97. by mitch Friedman, executive director Today, we’re thrilled to say thank you and congratulations to everyone who has supported our Okanogan Wildlife Crossing Campaign. The collective generosity of more than 570 … Continued

Restoring lynx habitat near Coxit Mountain and Loomis State Forest

After decommissioning nearly 3 miles of unauthorized, user-built trail near the Loomis State Forest, Canada lynx and other species can enjoy greater security and movement through this critical habitat. By Keiko Betcher, Communications and outreach Associate When it comes to connecting and restoring landscapes, every section counts. Especially for endangered species like Canada lynx. This … Continued

Clarity in Central Washington’s Sagelands

Working from Ellensburg, Rose uses her extensive experience as a wildlife biologist to support our work to maintain, restore and connect shrub-steppe landscapes for the good of both wildlife and people. By Rose Piccinini, Sagelands Contractor When I started my career as a general wildlife biologist, I expected a moment of clarity that would solidify … Continued