My favorite grizzly bear

My favorite grizzly bear

The story behind a grizzly bear named GP. BY mitch friedman, executive director I want to introduce you to GP, a big male grizzly bear that Canadian bear biologists Steve Rochetta and Bruce McLellan trapped last fall and fitted with a GPS collar for research purposes. There’s a story behind GP’s name, and it’s very … Continued

A life cut short, but an exemplary trail blazed

By Mitch Friedman, Executive Director My family suffered an incredible loss on August 4th, when my nephew died due to an accident. In Gregory Friedman’s passing at just 27 years, the world was denied so much beauty and promise. I’m deeply grateful to the many people who donated to Conservation Northwest in his memory. Carrying … Continued

Gregory Friedman remembrance

Gregory Friedman, the nephew of our founder and Executive Director Mitch Friedman, passed away on August 4, 2017. We deeply appreciate that some are choosing to honor and remember Greg through a donation to Conservation Northwest. Greg hiked in and was impressed by Whistler and the Sea to Sky area of southern British Columbia, and … Continued