Upper Wenatchee Pilot Project project tour video

Upper Wenatchee Pilot Project project tour video

We are excited about this opportunity for landscape-scale forest and watershed restoration on the Wenatchee River Ranger District of the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. By Chase Gunnell, Communications Director Along with our partners in the North Central Washington Forest Health Collaborative, since 2018 our staff (most recently our Okanogan Forest Lead Michael Liu and Conservation Program … Continued

One Stick at a Time: What beavers and biochar have in common

When natural processes are disrupted by anthropogenic changes, innovative solutions can help restore healthy, functioning ecosystems. By Michael Liu, Okanogan Forest Lead Long before I was engaged in beaver recovery efforts in the Methow Valley, I enjoyed chance opportunities to watch the furry critters at work in their natural environment. Their carpentry seemed fun and … Continued

Video: Forest Restoration and Collaboration in Northeast Washington with Tiana Luke

Our Colville Forest Lead Tiana Luke talks about forest restoration and collaboration from Deer Park, near the Colville National Forest in northeast Washington. Through our Forest Field Program, Tiana Luke serves on the board of in the Northeast Washington Forest Coalition (NEWFC), a stakeholder group including local conservation groups, the timber industry, and local business … Continued

What 2020 taught me about ecological and emotional resilience

Just as an old-growth tree serves as the ecological backbone of a resilient forest, a strong emotional foundation can help people get through hard times. By Tiana Luke, Colville Forest Lead Much of my work as part of the Forest Field Team centers on ecological resilience. Whether that is increasing ecological resilience—so wildfires burn within … Continued

Working for Wildlife in the Okanogan Valley

Decommissioning unneeded forest roads will open up quality habitat for Canada lynx, sharp-tailed grouse and mule deer in north-central Washington. By Michael Liu, Okanogan Forest Lead From virtual school and Zoom meetings to facemasks and social distancing, our world has changed significantly because of Covid-19. The global pandemic has put many aspects of our lives … Continued

Objection to Colville National Forest’s San Poil project filed with Northeast Washington Forest Coalition

The San Poil project on the Colville National Forest falls short on its forest and aquatic restoration objectives and threatens to reduce wilderness quality lands. By Tiana Luke, Colville Forest Lead, Northeast Washington Forest Coalition Board Member The San Poil project on the Colville National Forest near Republic, Washington, aims to restore the forest and … Continued

Your support helps heal Northwest forests

Many Washington forests have been damaged by decades of abuse. You can help restore them back to health with a gift today! Imagine for a moment a scenic drive over Snoqualmie Pass, dense evergreen forests on either side of your car for miles and miles. Now what if I told you that much of this … Continued

Our work for incredible Northwest forests

Since 1989, our Forest Field Program has worked to ecologically restore our national forests. A flagship program since our founding, we advance the use of the latest scientific research and engage collaboratively with other stakeholders to promote landscape-scale restoration of forests and watersheds. Check out the map below to learn more about some of the … Continued

Prescribed fire in the time of COVID-19

Prescribed burns are postponed to protect vulnerable communities during COVID-19, but our collaborative work to restore ecological resilience continues. By Michael Liu, Okanogan Forest Lead Its springtime in the Methow—the wildflowers are blooming and the rivers are rising. If you have been able to get outside, you may have noticed the sky is a little … Continued

Response to final Snoquera Landscape Analysis decision

Years of stakeholder engagement on the Snoquera Project lays out a final plan for landscape-scale forest and watershed restoration in the Central Cascades. BY KATHLEEN S. GOBUSH, PH.D. and Laurel Baum, Central Cascades Watersheds Restoration Program In mid-March, after more than two and half years of planning, the U.S. Forest Service published its decision on … Continued