Video: Forest Restoration and Collaboration in Northeast Washington with Tiana Luke

Video: Forest Restoration and Collaboration in Northeast Washington with Tiana Luke

Our Colville Forest Lead Tiana Luke talks about forest restoration and collaboration from Deer Park, near the Colville National Forest in northeast Washington. Through our Forest Field Program, Tiana Luke serves on the board of in the Northeast Washington Forest Coalition (NEWFC), a stakeholder group including local conservation groups, the timber industry, and local business … Continued

Objection to Colville National Forest’s San Poil project filed with Northeast Washington Forest Coalition

The San Poil project on the Colville National Forest falls short on its forest and aquatic restoration objectives and threatens to reduce wilderness quality lands. By Tiana Luke, Colville Forest Lead, Northeast Washington Forest Coalition Board Member The San Poil project on the Colville National Forest near Republic, Washington, aims to restore the forest and … Continued

Snoquera Decision – What it means for Central Cascades watersheds

Forest restoration makes progress, while watershed improvements fall short in the upper Green River watershed. By Laurel Baum, Central Cascades Conservation Associate This summer, the Snoqualmie District of the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest (MBSNF) published their final management proposal for the “Snoquera” landscape between Greenwater and Crystal Mountain, bordered on the south by Mount Rainier … Continued

Impacts of the government shutdown reach local wildlife and forests

From limiting public input on forest restoration to complicating fisher releases, the government shutdown is affecting important local conservation efforts. By Chase Gunnell, communications director As the impasse in the other Washington drags on, there are a few notable examples of the federal government’s shutdown impacting Conservation Northwest’s work for local wildlife, wildlands and rural … Continued

Promoting resilient forests for people and wildlife through the Upper Wenatchee Restoration Pilot Project

We’re part of a new collaborative effort to restore forest health near Lake Wenatchee and reduce wildfire risks for nearby communities. By Jen Watkins, conservation associate A flagship effort since Conservation Northwest’s founding, for thirty years our Forest Field Program has used science and collaboration to promote the restoration of wildlands in Washington and beyond. We … Continued

Forest collaboration makes progress in northeast Washington

An update on the Northeast Washington Forestry Coalition from our Forest Field Program. BY TIANA LUKE, CONSERVATION ASSOCIATE and COLVILLE FOREST FIELD STAFF While divisiveness grows rampant in many parts of the world, there’s still a place in the northeastern corner of Washington state where those of different viewpoints work together to promote each other’s … Continued