Protect, Connect and Restore

Protect, Connect and Restore

Conservation Northwest / Oct 26, 2016 / Work Updates

A Canada lynx, one of the Pacific Northwest’s rarest creatures and a key species we work with to protect and restore. Photo: John Alves
By Jeff Baierlein, Development and Communications Director

The Pacific Northwest is a place of majestic natural beauty. Pristine wildlands. Free-roaming wildlife. And it’s because of you…and people like you.

You know that Conservation Northwest fights to protect large natural areas from harm. We help restore wildlife like fishers and grizzly bears to their natural habitats. But did you know that our largest source of support is from our members?

It’s champions for nature like you that make it possible for us to keep the Northwest wild.

Will you become a member today?

It’s your membership that helps us work to bring back the grizzly bear, and save the critically endangered Northern spotted owl.

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Please become a member of Conservation Northwest today.

Join us in protecting and restoring the precious landscapes we call home.

What’s one the best membership benefits of all? Knowing that you are part of a community of effective environmental champions. A community with a rich history of protecting our most treasured wild places and wildlife. And a community that has big dreams about a wild Northwest—and is making them come true. Join us.

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