Play Safe: Recreating in Bear Country event

Play Safe: Recreating in Bear Country event

Conservation Northwest / Jun 14, 2016 / Work Updates

Washington state is home to thousands of bears. Learn how to recreate safely in bear country! Photo: Thomas Bancroft

Join us on the evening of June 29th at The Mountaineers Seattle Program Center to enjoy beer, berries and bear stories from biologist, photographer, author and outdoor educator David Moskowitz!

This free event is sponsored by The Mountaineers, Conservation Northwest, and Washington Trails Association, with support from Two Beers Brewing Co. 

Washington’s North Cascades is home to around 25,000 black bears and possibly a handful of grizzly bears. Knowing how to play safe in bear country is as important as bringing a first aid kit and appropriate clothing for your adventure.

Learn how to distinguish grizzly bears from black bears and the differences in behavior of these two species. We’ll give you tips for using bear spray effectively, discuss how and why to use food storage lockers in campgrounds, introduce you to bear-resistant food containers, how to keep a clean campsite, and make sure you understand the regulations already in place on our public lands about food storage.

David’s work as a biologist, photographer, author, and mountaineering and tracking instructor have brought him into close quarters with large mammals across the Pacific Northwest, in the U.S. and Canadian Rockies and in Alaska and central Europe.

Dave Moskowitz. Photo: Karen Wang

Staff from Western Wildlife Outreach, Conservation Northwest, and the North Cascades National Park will also be on hand to answer questions and provide information about living and recreating in bear country.

This event is free, but is expected to ‘sell out’. Register online to ensure a spot at this exciting program!


Wednesday, June 29, 2016 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM (PDT)

(Doors open at 6 PM)


The Mountaineers Seattle Program Center – 7700 Sand Point Way Northeast, Seattle, WA 98115

We hope to see you there!