Wildlife Crossings

Take Action Now to Support the Gold Creek Valley Restoration Project

For many years, Conservation Northwest has been a strong advocate and supporter of large-scale investments in the I-90 Snoqualmie Pass area for wildlife habitat connectivity and restoration. The Gold Creek Valley is home to the 900-foot and 1000-foot wildlife underpasses, which have improved wildlife connectivity across I-90 at this high-elevation linkage in the central Cascades. … Continued

Kittitas County flip-flops on its commitment to wildlife, potentially squandering tens of millions of public investments

For more than two decades, state and federal governments and private nonprofit organizations have spent tens of millions of dollars acquiring tens of thousands of acres in the area of Snoqualmie Pass to benefit wildlife. The Washington State Department of Transportation responded by spending millions more on wildlife crossings, including the critical underpass at Gold … Continued

Wildlife winning due to Highway 97 safe passage project

Almost two years after the first phase of renovating the most dangerous stretch of Washington highway for vehicle-deer collisions, we are proud to see data proving the Safe Passage 97 project as an undeniable success. According to the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), there has been a 91 percent reduction in wildlife-vehicle collisions at … Continued

Join habitat restoration efforts to enhance wildlife connectivity in the I-90 corridor

Volunteer opportunity to plant native flora and remove non-native plants near I-90 wildlife crossing structures Join Conservation Northwest and U.S. Forest Service staff for a day of planting and weeding on the wildlife crossings between Hyak and Easton. Our efforts will focus on creating a natural landscape to encourage wildlife to utilize the crossing structures. … Continued