Climate Change

New Analysis Confirms British Columbia Mines Pose Unacceptable, Irreversible Threats to U.S. Waters, Communities

Risks escalating due to more frequent catastrophic weather events related to climate change. SEATTLE – British Columbia’s rapidly accelerating mining boom – and the dangerous waste that accompanies it – threaten communities and watersheds in neighboring states, including Washington, Alaska, Idaho and Montana according to a new report. Climate-fueled floods and disasters are exacerbating the threats … Continued

University of Washington researchers conduct a climate audit for Conservation Northwest

Results will help guide future planning and program development to build a more climate-resilient future. Conservation Northwest’s mission to protect, connect and restore wildlands and wildlife is highly impactful to climate issues. As we navigate the precipice of a rapidly changing climate, sound science and on-the-ground solutions are more critical than ever. We tasked researchers … Continued