Wildlife Bridges & Brews in Ballard – 5/14

Wildlife Bridges & Brews in Ballard – 5/14

Conservation Northwest / Apr 30, 2019 / Events, Wildlife Crossings

Join us for a happy hour to celebrate wildlife crossings over and under Interstate 90, Highway 97 and beyond!

Two mule deer use a wildlife undercrossing at I-90 near Snoqulamie Pass. Photo: WSDOT

Have you ever been in a collision with wildlife, or seen the heart-breaking sight of an animal on the side of the road after being hit? These unfortunate occurrences happen far too often—so we’re finding solutions that will protect both wildlife and people.

We’re inviting you to learn more about wildlife crossings  on Tuesday, May 14th from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at Obec Brewing in Ballard!

Join Conservation Northwest and the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) for a happy hour event co-hosted under Conservation Northwest’s 30th Anniversary and the NWF’s Seattle Wildlife in the City Week. This fun and educational event will be a mix of casual socializing and talks on wildlife crossings and habitat connectivity from local staff at both organizations. Come meet our team, and learn about how we’re making travel safer for commuters and wildlife in Washington state and beyond!

Did you see this recent National Geographic article that highlights our work on I-90?

This happy hour is open to the public, but please RSVP on our Facebook event or via email to outreach (at) conservationnw.org!

Connecting Habitat

For nearly two decades, Conservation Northwest has led efforts to reconnect Washington’s north and south Cascades by protecting and restoring habitat and establishing safe wildlife crossings under and over I-90. Thanks to support from partners, there are now four large wildlife undercrossings on I-90, and animals use them every day. In fall of 2018, construction on the first of two wildlife overcrossings or “bridges” was completed—becoming Washington’s first-ever wildlife bridge over a highway or freeway, and the largest wildlife overcrossing in North America.

A graphic rendition of how one wildlife crossing under Highway 97 in the Okanogan Valley would look.

On the other side of the Cascade Mountains is Highway 97, where more than 350 mule deer are hit and killed by cars per year in just a 12-mile stretch of the highway. Earlier this year, Conservation Northwest successfully completed the Okanogan Wildlife Crossing Campaign, raising $200,000 dollars with the help of generous donors and partners. This money will go toward a wildlife undercrossing on Highway 97, where for years we’ve worked with the Mule Deer Foundation, the Colville Confederated Tribes and other partners supporting Safe Passage 97 projects.

While Conservation Northwest is busy connecting habitat for wildlife in Washington state, the National Wildlife Federation’s campaigning for wildlife crossings in California and across the country. Right now, mountain lions living in the Santa Monica Mountains near Los Angeles face almost certain death when they attempt to cross busy roadways that cut through their habitat. To allow safe passage for these felines, their collaborative Save LA Cougars campaign has a goal of building a wildlife crossing over the 101 freeway at Liberty Canyon to connect vital cougar habitat.

The National Wildlife Federation also has ways for you to improve habitat connectivity right here in Seattle! Through their Certified Wildlife Habitat program, your community can provide important habitat for wildlife moving through the city.

we’re ACTIVELY working to make our conservation community more INCLUSIVE. All identities are welcome and encouraged to join us at this event. We love seeing new faces!