Weigh-in on Washington’s hunting regulations

Weigh-in on Washington’s hunting regulations

Conservation Northwest / Aug 24, 2017 / Hunting

Provide input on future hunting seasons and regulations

The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife is currently looking for initial public input on future hunting seasons and regulations, including increased protections for endangered species.

Hunting is an important way many Washingtonians engage with our state’s rich wildlife heritage, and revenue from license sales and taxes on hunting and fishing equipment is a major source of funding for conservation.

Hunters and other interested members of the public can weigh in through August 31st by taking several surveys available at: http://wdfw.wa.gov/hunting/regulations/seasonsetting/

Of particular note are a proposal to require a bear identification test for those purchasing black bear hunting tags in order to reduce the potential for accidental killings of federally protected grizzly bears, and a proposal to restrict night hunting of bobcats in areas where Canada lynx are present to reduce accidental lynx mortality. Provide your input on these topics in the Carnivore and Furbearer survey!

Following public comment, department staff will develop specific recommendations for further public comment, planned for February 2018. These recommendations will afterwards go to the Fish and Wildlife Commission for consideration in March and adoption in April 2018. Recommendations will be based on the biological needs of relevant species and the social need of the public input gathered through the comment period.