Statement on two suspected wolf poaching cases in northeast Washington

Statement on two suspected wolf poaching cases in northeast Washington

Conservation Northwest / Dec 12, 2017 / News Releases, Wolves

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The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is investigating two suspected wolf poaching incidents in northeast Washington. To support bringing these poachers to justice, Conservation Northwest is offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to a conviction in the case.

“No matter how one feels about wolves or other wildlife, poaching is an unacceptable theft of our shared natural heritage,” said Paula Swedeen, Policy Director for Conservation Northwest and a representative on Washington’s Wolf Advisory Group.

One case involves the killing of a female wolf in Ferry County, whose carcass was found December 5 by department personnel approximately 15 miles southwest of Republic.

The second investigation stems from the discovery by hunters of a dead wolf on November 12 about 10 miles southeast of Colville in Stevens County, he said. That wolf, a breeding female, was discovered within the range of the Dirty Shirt pack and is presumed to be a member of the pack.

“Poaching is tragic and unacceptable, but we believe it should not be seen as a sign that collaborative coexistence does not work,” said Swedeen. “Conflict transformation takes time to work and requires sustained commitment. There is more work to be done. We’re committed to making Washington a state where wolf conservation works in the long run—for wolves, people and other native wildlife.”

We urge anyone with information to please contact the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Police at 1-877-933-9847 or

We also offer a standing Reward Fund to Help Stop Poaching, including rewards related to the poaching of endangered species such as wolves, lynx and grizzly bears, and the spree-killing of deer, elk and moose.