“Snowy Owl: A Visual Natural History” with Author and Photographer Paul Bannick – 1/28

“Snowy Owl: A Visual Natural History” with Author and Photographer Paul Bannick – 1/28

Conservation Northwest / Jan 12, 2021 / Events

Join us and award-winning photographer Paul Bannick for his presentation on his new book Snowy Owl: A Visual Natural History on Thursday, January 28th, at 5:00 pm via Zoom.

Conservation Northwest welcomes Paul Bannick to share a rare intimate look into the life history of one of North America’s most charismatic birds, the Snowy Owl. This species captures our imagination and fascinate us with their beauty, yet the Snowy Owl remains one of the least understood owls in the world.

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Snowy Owl: A Visual Natural History, published by Mountaineers Books, is a stunning, visual exploration into the life of the mysterious Arctic Owl—one of the world’s most beloved and striking creatures. Paul Bannick delves into the natural history of these owls, providing a comprehensive yet accessible look at where and how they live, including their preferred habitat and seasonal migrations, hunting and breeding behavior, and how they nest and raise their young. Paul’s images are complemented by his narrative, which includes evocative passages about his time in the field observing and photographing Snowy Owls. He also highlights what each of us can do to protect the Snowy and its habitat. Few of us will be lucky enough to ever see a Snowy Owl in the wild, but Paul’s stories and images offer a vivid, intimate, and memorable look at these enigmatic birds.

Through his presentation to the Conservation Northwest community, Paul will delve more deeply into a species previously covered more generally in his past books and presentations, as well as featuring all new images. The program combines breathtaking images, science, first-hand accounts, video and sound to inspire conservation and education and to spread awareness around the threats to these owls and what we can do to protect them.

During this Zoom event, listen in to learn about this beautiful bird and ask Paul your biggest owl questions!

About the Speaker

Paul Bannick is an award-winning author and wildlife photographer specializing in the natural history of North America with a focus on birds and habitat. Coupling his love of the outdoors with his skill as a photographer, he creates images that foster the intimacy between viewer and subject, inspiring education and conservation. When Paul is not studying and photographing wildlife, he serves as Conservation Northwest’s Major Gifts Director.

Paul’s photography won awards from several prestigious photography contests, including those hosted by Audubon Magazine and the International Conservation Photography Awards.

His work has been featured in a variety of publications from The New York Times, Audubon, Sunset, Nature’s Best Photography Magazine, Birds and Blooms, Pacific Northwest (two cover stories), Seattle Times, Alaska Air Magazine, American Way Magazine, and in many other books, magazines, parks, refuges, and other outlets in North America and Europe.

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A female Snowy Owl at her nest fluffs out her feathers before settling in to warm her young.