Jordan headshot
Favorite Place in the Northwest:Snoqualmie Pass
Favorite Northwest Animal:American Pika


Sagelands Heritage Sr. Coordinator
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Based in Ellensburg, Jordan develops and implements strategies that protect and restore wildlife habitat, increase habitat connectivity across barriers, and foster scientific, social, and political networks to assist our Sagelands Heritage Program.

Originally from Spokane Valley, Jordan moved to Ellensburg in 2014, where her love for the outdoors and wildlife flourished. She recently finished her Master’s in Biology at Central Washington University (CWU) doing small mammal monitoring (specifically Sorex shrews) for the I-90 Snoqualmie Pass East Project. She graduated with her Bachelor’s in Biology from CWU in 2018, conducting undergraduate research on the winter activity of the American Pika and other small mammals that use their haypiles. While completing her education she worked for CWU Gear Up, creating and teaching science lessons to high schools around Washington state. Since graduation, Jordan has been working on a Washington Conservation Corps Crew sponsored by the North Yakima Conservation District. She is passionate about wildlife, habitat restoration and connectivity, and public outreach. Her and her pup, River, love to go hiking, camping, and birding.