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Favorite Place in the Northwest:Snoqualmie Valley
Favorite Northwest Animal:Cougar


Wildlife-Recreation Specialist
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Alycia is Conservation Northwest’s Wildlife-Recreation Specialist and primarily leads our Wildlife Ambassador Project housed under our Wildlife-Recreation Coexistence Program, as well as supports our general communications and outreach efforts.

Alycia grew up on a rice farm in northern California and spent her youth exploring wetlands, riding horses, and communing with coyotes and owls. A passionate writer from an early age, she pursued a degree in photojournalism and traveled around the globe documenting various humanitarian efforts. In 2019, she received a Master’s Degree in International Community Development and was planning to pursue a PhD in prejudice psychology, when COVID-19 struck and waylaid her plans. Somewhere along the line, she fell deeply in love with wildlife and now applies her background in writing and psychology to wildlife-human relationships through education and outreach and explores themes of co-existence in recreation, and rural and urban settings.

Alycia is a professional wildlife photographer and spends most of her time tracking, photographing animals, and studying their behaviors and biology. Her focus is largely on cougars – a species that is quickly becoming her favorite.