Meet our new advisory board

Meet our new advisory board

Conservation Northwest / Feb 24, 2015 / Work Updates

It takes good advice to keep moving forward for wildlife and wildlands conservation. Fisher release photo: Jasmine Minbashian
By Alexandra Loeb, Conservation Northwest Board of Directors

Conservation Northwest is excited to announce the creation of our new Board of Advisers. We have a wonderful staff and an excellent Board of Directors, and creation of the advisory board provides valuable experience and additional strategic input through new formal positions.

The goal is to enhance engagement from key community leaders. Many of these folks have been long-term mentors already—counseling us on conservation science issues, tribal and First Nations partnerships, communications approaches, and much more. An advisory board allows us to formally recognize these contributors and maximize their efforts and expertise.

A warm welcome to our new Board of Advisers, we look forward to your support!

Conservation Northwest’s Board of Advisers
  • Tom Campion. Chairman and Founder, Zumiez, Inc. Trustee, The Campion Foundation
  • Dr. Jerry Franklin. Professor of Environmental and Forest Sciences, University of Washington
  • Bob Kelly. Chairman, Nooksack Indian Tribe
  • Martha Kongsgaard. President of the Puget Sound Partnership. Trustee, Kongsgaard-Goldman Foundation
  • Larry Casper. Chief, Tsal’alh Band, St’at’imc First Nation
  • Dr. Gordon H. Orians. Professor Emeritus of Biology, University of Washington
  • Dr. Valerie Tarico. Psychologist and writer. Co-founder, Progress Alliance of Washington