Meet our board: Bert Loosmore

Meet our board: Bert Loosmore

Conservation Northwest / Jul 14, 2016 / Work Updates

Hailing from Bellevue with a background in Ecology and Forest Management, Bert Loosmore is our newest board member. Photo courtesy of Bert Loosmore

Welcome to new board member Bert Loosmore! 


By Paul Bannick, Major Gifts Director

Our new board member Bert Loosmore brings an impressive resume, skillset and admirable passion to Conservation Northwest (CNW). Bert is a native of Bellevue who’s entrepreneurial and board experience as well as his Ph.D. in Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management from the University of Washington promise to be valuable additions to our organization’s governance and strategic planning. He’s interested in using this quantitative background to support our work protecting, connecting and restoring wildlands for people and wildlife.

We are excited about the skillset and passion Bert brings to the table and are confident he will seize every opportunity and contribute greatly over the years ahead. Recently, I had the chance to ask Bert a few questions about what drew him to our work.

When did you first become interested in conservation?

Although I’ve been involved in environmental issues for a number of years, I recently participated in Social Venture Partner’s Northwest Conservation Fellowship program, which helped me better define my passions and spurred me to action. Personally, I believe that nature has an intrinsic value and we as humans should respect that. Protecting the natural world is about restraint. That said, I value other opinions and appreciate the pragmatic approach to conservation that CNW pursues. Making sure that we preserve and connect large open spaces is critical for multiple reasons. Not only can our region’s forests act as a carbon sink, but also we need to conserve the fauna and flora within our natural ecosystems for both the enjoyment of future generations as well as for their own right.

What are your favorite ways to engage with the natural world?

If I have to choose one its backpacking, whether it’s on Mount Rainier, in the Enchantments or in the Pasayten Wilderness or other places that are just so awe inspiring!  My kids, ages eight and ten, are finally getting to the point where I can take them with me. I’m looking forward to sharing my love of backpacking and wilderness with them. As a family, we also do a lot of downhill skiing and spend time at our cabin in Greenwater.

What made you decide to invest your time and energy in Conservation Northwest versus other options?

I was initially drawn to CNW because of its work in forest protection issues. The more I learn about the breadth of work the organization does, the more excited I get about it. CNW is a well-run organization and it has some ambitious goals. I started doing some volunteer work with CNW around forestry issues, and found I really admired the people there. I think it’s pretty amazing how much they accomplish given the organizations size. I truly believe in the mission of CNW and I’m looking forward to doing anything I can do to help. I’ve previously served on other non-profit boards, appointed government boards and even the board of a public company, and so I’m confident this experience will come in handy.

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