Join us at Public Lands For All Rally tomorrow!

Join us at Public Lands For All Rally tomorrow!

Conservation Northwest / Jan 18, 2016 / Public Lands

It’s time to stand up for OUR public lands. Photo: Oregon Wild
By Chase Gunnell, Deputy Communications Director

Armed extremists seizing Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is bad enough, but worse are politicians, from state legislators to Republican presidential candidates, echoing an extreme minority’s call to sell off or seize America’s public lands for the benefit of energy and natural resource companies and the very wealthy.

Protected and accessible public lands are “America’s best idea”, and they’re supported by a strong majority of Western voters. Public lands provide opportunities for people of all means and backgrounds to hike, ski, camp, fish, hunt, wildlife watch and much more. Opportunities often available only to the wealthy in other nations. Public lands also provide vast contributions to local economies through tourism, outdoor recreation and sustainable (and often subsidized) forestry, agriculture and livestock grazing. And public lands provide vital habitat for fish and wildlife, from abundant game animals to rare and endangered species.

Teddy Roosevelt, John Muir and other conservation forefathers worked tirelessly to ensure that we would have public lands for all to enjoy and benefit from in a responsible manner. Now we have a responsibility to protect that legacy and preserve OUR public lands and outdoor heritage for future generations.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 1/19 at noon there will be rallies in SeattleSpokaneBoisePortland and other towns and cities across the West to stand up for our nation’s parks, wildlife refuges, national forests, BLM deserts and other public lands. Please come on down and show your support for America’s Best Idea.